Know case status pending at High Court on Mobile


Requirements to avail SMS based enquiry service

A Mobile hand set with Mobile connection from any Mobile service provider like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tata Indicom, Vodafone etc., having SMS facility.

How to get the case status?

The litigant or the lawyer who sends the SMS should know case number of the case for which the case status to be known and then he/she should follow the steps given below for sending the SMS.

Step No.1

Type the SMS in the following format


CASE TYPE      — Max. 5 Alphabets (A-Z , a-z) list of CASE TYPE is enclosed.

CASE NO         — Numeric

CASE YEAR     — Numeric ( 4 year digit )

For example: – WP 100 2007 or MCA 212 2005 or fa 7 2008 or Cria 13 2003

Step No. 2

Send the SMS to the Mobile Number: – 9420685618

If the format is correct and the case number is valid, then the reply will be sent to your mobile in seconds.

For example:

WP 100 2007

Status: Pending

Hearing date 06/03/200 7

If the format is incorrect, the sender will be asked to send the SMS in correct format.

Additional Information

The reply may be put in queue and delivered later by the service provider, if the SMS Inbox of your mobile is full or congestion in the mobile service network.

No reply will be sent if the SMS is not received at the server end. The logs of incoming and outgoing messages are maintained.


List of Case Types
Case Description CASE TYPE
Appln. for Appointment of Arbitrator AAR
Admiralty Suit AS
Appeal From Order AO
Appeal Under Arbitration Act AUA
Appeal Under E.S.I. AUE
Appeal Under Workmen’s Compensation Act AUW
Application in Election Petition AELEP
Arbitration Application ARA
Arbitration Petition ARP
Civil Application CA
Civil Application (Review) CAREV
Civil References CREF
Civil Revision Application CRA
Civil Suit CS
Company Appeal COA
Company Application COAP
Company Application (Main) COAPM
Company Petition COP
Confirmation Case CONF
Contempt Appeal CAPL
Contempt Petition CP
Contempt Petition (Main) CPM
Criminal Appeal CRIA
Criminal Application ( Bail ) CRMAB
Criminal Application ( Main) CRMAM
Criminal Contempt Petition CONP
Criminal Misc. Application CRMA
Criminal Revision Application CRIR
Criminal Transfer Appeal TACR
Criminal Writ Petition WPCR
Cross Objection XOB
Custom Appeal CUSA
Election Petition ELEP
Excise Appeal EXA
Excise Application EXAP
Execution Application EA
First Appeal FA
Income Tax Appeal ITA
Letter Patent Appeal LPA
Misc.Civil Application MCA
Misc.Civil Application (Main) MCAM
Public Interest Litigation (Suo Motu) PILSM
Public Interest Litigation WP PILWP
Reference Application Under Customs Act RUCA
Reference Under Income Tax Act RUIT
Second Appeal SA
Suo Motu Contempt Petition SMCP
Suo Motu Criminal Contempt Petition SMCRC
Suo Motu Writ Petition SMWP
Tax Appeal TXA
Transfer Application XFA
Transfer Matter XFER
Writ Petition WP

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    kallakurichi court os no. 99/2010. chennai hc crp 957/2012. m.asokan vs ramasamykounter.

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    ashokan s/o muthu vevayudham vs ramasamy kounter case no.99/2010 at kallakuricci court opp advacate fast 2 years requsting hearing date from judge solution of this court remedy.

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    date of releasing

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    CRP pending at chennai HC case no 957/2012

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