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With my experience as Chartered Accountant I can say that Infosys has totally failed in handling GST portal  as well as the New income tax portal.

It is surprising to see that despite failure of Infosys Cenhtral government has not imposed any penalty on Infosys for Its Sub-standard performance in website maintenance and implementation.

If government already knows that Infosys has already failed in successful implementation of GST portal, then why they again assigned task of New income tax portal to Infosys?

Why they have not assigned such task to TCS or any other Software Company?

According to my view,

Government should impose equivalent penalty (that is imposed on taxpayers) on Infosys for improper and worst implementation of GST portal and reimburse or refund it to the taxpayers.

Also From 1st June the Income Tax site is non operative. Who made technical feasibility study before assigning to Infosys. This Infosys made GST Portal and we all are aware the problem faced.

Why the Finance Ministry is not taking strict action against Infosys. Please cancel this project, take entire people’s money back from Infosys and give us back the old Income Tax portal. No need for this new portal.

One more thing ,with regard to New income tax portal:-

Infosys recently claimed that 1 lakh ITRs were filed till 21st June 2021 on New Income Tax E-filing Portal.

Against this claim of Infosys, a professionals filed RTI application seeking number of ITRs filed on new Income Tax E-filing Portal from 7th June 2021 to 21st June 2021. Read: Shocking! Income Tax CPIO not maintains details of ITR Filed

In response to the RTI application , the Income Tax Department revealed that no data of ITR Filing on New Income Tax E-filing Portal is available.

Due to all above issues, lot of time of professionals has been wasted in Just login again and again DSC Registration ,Refresh ,wait ,server maintenance etc……



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  1. Prashanth says:

    New income tax portal has performance issue ,functionality issue and stability issue. Basically this kind of product should be delievered to the customer use until all the issue would be fixed.
    Infosys failed to provide quality product.

    1. vikrant says:

      Yes sir, you observed rightly. There seems to be something shoddy in this contract itself. If govt is really concern about processing ITRs speedily (which they claim is main reason to switch this New ITR portal) , they must ask this to TCS which is having hands on experience and handing old portal efficiently.

  2. shivakumar D says:

    this situation is literally worst on the part of the infosys company, because world renowned software company is developing such nasty software for their own country is really a same on the part of the whole team of infosys. tcs company is really good and super. I request central govt. to change this ignorant company of infosys immediately, otherwise people of india might understand differently between infosys and finance department.

  3. Gupta says:

    Top management of the company must be more busy in internal office politics rather than delivering quality product.
    They uses Freshers as testers to save cost. Interesting, 4000+ crores spent on a project where planning, execution and technical implementation all failed.

  4. M S Nagaraja Rao says:

    I too agree the old portal was far more user friendly . Individuals who are not professionals and with basic know how of IT filing can easily file returns in the old portal.
    Govt must ensure both portals run in parallel and allow users to choose.

  5. CA. NG Sreeniasa Rao says:

    why not allow the new one to run along with the existing one so that the stake-holders with ease comply with the system, Will heavens fall? It is the mistake of the Revenue Authorities to rush and put the stakeholders in difficulty.
    see what happened when GST LAW was implememnted. The difficulties faced were innumerable. It appears that officials have not yet learnt any lesson in this behalf. Better to run parrel. none will complain. Slow and steadly win the race. All are not experts. Besides there are innumerable MSMEs. They too have to invest in SW and SW to go in new appproach i.e., up grade their systems, They are suffering financially as well coupled with dearth of qualified persons in the field


    If data of 100000 ITRs filed is not with CPC , but, Infosys says they are filed then with whom this data is ? is this sensitive data is publicly available without knowledge of CBDT. How the Finance Ministry remains insensitive to this problem ?


    I am ready to contribute. Let all stake holders join hands together and move a PIL in Supreme Court on these and press to mitigate our problems and for imposition of penalties on Infosys for such inept handling of atleast Income Tax Portal which was earlier working wonderfully well.

  8. M L KAUL says:

    The Finance Minister seems to be unaware of the facts or is deliberately silent over the failure of their dream project. We want closure of this portal and resuming of old one which is working and is user-friendly. My one issue is why is Landline phone mandatory when people have disconnected them Itr filing is pending and site is not working at all.It is too late now Immediate action is needed

  9. P.K. Gupta says:

    The Income Tax Department must realise the issue facing the new IT Portal even for the team of Professionals (Chartered Accountants), what kind of the tensions the INDIVIDUALS, who are not PROFESSIONALS and they have been successfully preparing and filing their own IT Returns without availing of the services of the CAs.
    Person like me had no difficulty earlier on the previous Income Tax Portal.
    The Finance Minister may please consider to revert to the IT filing PORTAL till such time all the glitches facing the new portal are satisfactorily resolved.

  10. skjain1147 says:

    I agree with you totally . Govt. claims progess , Vikas . But where is the vilas . & th june has gone , 7th july has gone . But still people are suffering . Professional are suffering . Why govt. has tried this New Website . What was the need . It would have been done at the back end simultaneously . Professionals are waiting for the portal as if farmer waits for the rain . What hell is with Infossy . what are they doing ? . I think they are doing nothing . Loss of revenue as well as wastage of time of the people at large . Waste of time of the professionals particulary Chartered Accountants of the entire country who make planning for the tax to be deposited by the assessee correctly . I am unable to bear and say any word on the failure of the Govt. on this front . Why govt. does not snatch the work from Infosys and allot it to the other company .

  11. Subramanian Natarajan says:

    Showing utter contempt for our nation, Indian MNCs intentionally or otherwise fail to give even basic services for contracts won here. Even the government is not able to get the barest minimum service from there. Today’s high court order may be a warning bell. Why did they change the software which was doing fine.

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