Official Twitter handle of CBEC said that  In view of difficulties faced by the trade in generating e-way bill due to initial tech glitches, it has been decided to extend the trial phase for generation of e-way bill, both for inter and intra-State movement of goods. It shall be made compulsory from a date to be announced

Eway Bill Not CompulsorySome of the Reaction on Twitter

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20 responses to “CBEC withdraws Compulsory e-way bill generation system”

  1. Chanderakant Tilgulkar says:

    Total implementation of GST is classical mess created by Government, it may be its service provider, but the basic responsibility lies with goverment. Only ONE basic question, in case Assesses system is not ready and he/she faces problem will it be pardoned ? In that case all the officials would use all their brains to charge him/her with all the possible sections, connected and remotely connected.


    I dont find any glitches in the system; i tried for the first bill itself; only because I was slow to feed the data twice i got Error. time over. by third attempt it was through; compared to 402 or 403 it is too easy to do.

  3. Prabhakar says:

    On 1st Feb the FM is presenting the budget by patting himself and his party for all nonsense implementation they did. In reality the public all business community and professionals are breaking their heads to generate the e way bills due to which the business on that day had come to stand still. The markets have collapsed and taken blood bath because of unpleasant budget presented on the same day. Why the opposition parties are keeping quite by seeing all these fun. I think now the third front parties should jump into action, because both ruling and opposition parties have failed to gain the confidence of the public.

  4. sushil Sureka says:

    What a mockery of a wonderful indirect tax system ‘GST’? If there is a world record for messing up things, it should go to the GST Council ( Read: GOI).
    They can’t do a single thing right and want to penalize dealers for the slightest of mistakes? They have all the resources at their disposal and they can’t do it. And expect the dealers to do all sorts of compliance irrespective of the meager resources at their disposal. That too for an indirect tax which the dealers are collecting for the government free of cost. Let them first set their house in order and then only expect dealers to perform.

  5. Hari Narayanan says:

    This Government is always in a hurry. And then……

  6. Venkata Ramana Rao says:

    Greetings to all
    I would say the situation as “Action Bias”
    We humans always tend to follow blindly, even though we have great knowledge.
    Practically yesterday the Intra state supplies need not do e-waybiil. Govt. Had given us time till 1st of June 2018.
    But everybody is in hurry and mania.
    So was the result of system crash.
    We use some of the loopholes for our benefits.
    But like these situations nobody uses the reality check.
    This is my personal opinion.
    Thanking you,
    Ramana Rao


    Govt. Officer failed to without any study implementation of new system. If private sector person failed to implementation management kike out . This is difference to Govt. Job and Private Sector job

  8. KAMAL says:

    The Govt wants its citizens to be ready with whatever steps it takes without testing its own officers. Infosys is the worst service provider as you can compare GST with MCA Site.

  9. Babu says:

    This is something Ridiculous, yesterday morning loaded the vehicle, tried to generate E way bill up to 7 PM, who will compensate the Loss. poorly implemented without having the basic infrastructure. site is made for Charging Late Fees and Penalty only. Actually who knows what is happening, who is responsible for the hardship of Business People.

  10. Sujeet says:

    GIVE NOTA in next election. make him learn about India developing country.

  11. SC says:

    This is terrible….no wards to say. Govt.should think properly in future before implementation of any Laws.

  12. harendrakhira says:

    yeh to hona hi tha abhi bhi hum yaani mantri log hi sahi hai public sabhi oolloo hai jor jabardasti ka raaj kar rahe hai yeh mantri log jara gaon me jaakar e way bill banakar to dekho baad me kuchh karna
    it is fault of management of revenue officer who make this pressure of eway bill this india is not america as you think

  13. Premani says:

    Why the opposition parties are silent for eway bill issue.


    Every state government have come forwarded and issued the instructions to keep e-way bill in abeyance but still we don’t find any instructions from Haryana State Government site. Please up date and intra-state supply shall be kept in abeyance following other states too.

  15. Sanjeev Goel says:

    Respected learned authority,

    No doubt GST is fruitful theme to generate revenue. But for the social security to businessman; Professionals ; aam admi ; sufficient infrastracture in this regard ; proper information from help line and toll free centre , It will not be useful for India and Indian Govt. Govt should first compact and packed the hole in GST system , than should make it mandatory for the Business man .


      every new system attracts lot of criticism especially from the opposition parties; you may please remember when MODVAT was first introduced by VP Singh he was called “mad” and the term Modvat was mentioned as MADVAT by many critics but afteran year or so everybody accepted that system after knowing the benefits. GST will also have such acceptance from Honest Indians. Vande Mataram

  16. phoolkumar Jangra says:

    Dear all, friends Please implement E-Way Bill in phased manner. To begin with, start with consignment value exceeding Rs. 2 Lakh and then gradually reduce upto Rs. 1 Lakh or as desired after testing the system. Today, business almost came to halt due to EWB site issues

  17. GIRISH says:


    Please clarify urgently, as GSTN PORTAL CUSTOMER CARE IS SILENT ON ISSUE.

    Before 01-02-2018, many state is generating there on eway bill, when we switchover to new system, they must have issued some notification to close the eway bill.

    Now we are not aware whether the state which was issuing e way bill for their incommiing material is in force.


    There is no e way bill in inida, till CBEC anounce implimentation of proposed e way bill.

  18. phoolkumar Jangra says:

    Dear all, friends Please implement E-Way Bill in phased manner. To begin with, start with consignment value exceeding Rs. 2 Lakh and then gradually reduce upto Rs. 1 Lakh or as desired after testing the system. Today, business almost came to halt due to EWB site issues.

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