The attention of the Government has been drawn to the concerns expressed about instructions imposing the use of Hindi in non Hindi speaking States.

The Department of Official Languages, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India had issued a circular on 10th March, 2014 stating that in keeping with the existing policy of the Government regarding use of Hindi, Government of India communication in ‘A’ category States i.e. Hindi speaking States must give equal importance to the use of Hindi in its social media platforms. The instructions reiterated that both English and Hindi must be used on official Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc by the Government of India.

It is clarified that these instructions of the Department of Official Languages dated 10th March, 2014 do not seek to impose communication in Hindi on States which are not Hindi speaking. The instructions of Department of Official Languages have only reiterated the existing Government of India’s policy on the use of Hindi in which the use of Hindi is compulsory in Government’s communication only in the Hindi speaking States.

The Ministry of Home Affairs in its circular dated 27.05.2014 has communicated the above guidelines of the Department of Official Languages with regard to the social media to the departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Therefore, this is neither a new policy nor an attempt to impose the use of Hindi on any non Hindi speaking State.

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  1. Vijay Trimbak Gokhale says:

    Good. Let us forget this and concentrate on other important things of development & governance. Those who want play politics and make issues out of nothing or without verifying the facts may continue with their dirty games. All right thinking persons should ignore them and should not loose focus.

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