‘Tomorrow’ can be an uncertain word or it can be full of possibilities for Happiness. It all depends on how we plan our future, especially our finances. The idea of travelling back and forth in time, whether to undo some action or with the curiosity attached to different situations excites anyone and everyone. But hey, wouldn’t we all love to look back at ourselves 20 years from now and be glad about taking certain steps?

Whatever be your message for the future, finances take the priority when it comes to planning. Now take a look at My Money Book, “For a long and happy journey called life.”

exide 4in1 This book is the ultimate utility tool for managing your finances and securing them for the future. It has actually helped me keep a track of all my financial dealings, from tracking my bank accounts to insurance policies and even investments and other savings. And guess what the best part is? You or your family will not have run around to track down your dealings and documents.

Well planned finances ensure the existence of a well-planned life, and Exide Life Insurance’s My Money Book can ensure you a well-planned life for a beautiful tomorrow. What will you tell yourself 20 years on? What is the advice you will give to a 20 year elder you?

I hope that when I look back, 20 years from now I see someone who has lived life to the fullest and enjoyed the past, present and future. I hope to have seen my kids grow and watch their futures unfold with glee. I wish I recognised my happiness when I had it and also strove every day to make mine and my family’s happiness reach new heights!

My Money Book is the perfect gift one could put in a time-capsule when it comes to planning your future. For a long and happy life, planning is the first step but then managing all the plans is the most significant part. Have a look at this short film by Exide Life Insurance:

Wasn’t that amazing? The husband knows that by planning and planning well, he has guaranteed a happy tomorrow filled with happy milestones for him and his wife. We can all take a lesson in Happiness from the two, and can create a one-stop shop for all your future plans.

Exide Life Insurance realize the value of planning your life for a beautiful future. Given a choice, we would love to put a small thank you note to all the people who helped plan a better tomorrow for us. So what are you waiting for? Put a message for your loved ones in a time capsule. We all love looking back and smiling at our achievements. Bequeath your Money Book to your loved ones so that they can say confidently, “Kal khoobsurat hain.”

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