Dear Students,

As you plan your studies for CA final/ intermediate exams, I wish to share few tips that may help you in organizing your study hours and maintain discipline in your hard work.

It is observed that many students being busy with graduation and articleship, wait for the leave period to start. Study of the syllabus must be started at least 1.5 years before you give your attempt. Classes must be completed at least six months before give your exams in case you study online buying the courses.

The majority of students avail 4 months leave for the exam, which can be ideal enough to cover your syllabus. However, one should ensure to have completed their studies at least once, before the start of your leave period.

Study plan for CA exams

Do remember, from day 1 itself of your study, highlighting important points, making short notes, and flagging in the books is ideal for last-minute revision. The same must at least be revised 4 times before your exams within a gap of every 15 days.

Suggested study plan is as under:

1. Lectures in Classes: Try completing 6 months prior to your exams.

2. Your study of the class notes: a. Study your class syllabus taught on a daily basis along with ongoing classes. b. On completion of your classes, again revise the syllabus for 2 months prior your leave.

3. Study of Module, Practice Manual, RTP and classes notes revision: a.During the 4 months leave, try covering important cases in modules, practice manuals. b.Read complete RTPs. Also, have a revision of your class notes.

Schedule for 4 months leave:

1. Ideally, 15 days for every 100 mark paper shall take complete 4 months for all 8 subjects in case of Final exams.

2. One must take around 13-15 days for Accounts, SFM, Costing, and other practical subjects.

3. For Theory, plan your study for each paper for around 8-10 days.

4. You can also plan for two subjects (one practical and one theory every day) with target completion by 20 days.

5. Try keeping spare the last 15 days only to focus on formulae, short notes prepared by you, formats (eg. Board resolution), and tough as well as important points as flagged by you.

Study Schedule:

1. Classes Notes: 100% completion at least 2-3 times.

2. Modules and Practice Manuals: All important sums/clarifications and make short notes only on important points/strategies of each case.

3. RTPs: Try completing 100%.

4. Your own important points/ formulae/short notes/flagged points/relevant formats: At least 4 times.

All the best, dear students!!

The effort is important, but knowing where to make the effort makes all the difference!! Anonymous

(All the suggestions given are based on my personal experience, your views and study patterns may vary depending upon your preferences. Nothing mentioned herein guarantee or otherwise).

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