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Don’ts for a Chartered Accountant

1. A member should not accept the original professional work emanating from a client introduced to him by another member. If any professional work of such client comes to him directly, it should be his duty to ask the client that he should come through the other member dealing generally with his original work.

2. A common CA logo has been allowed to the members, provided it is used in the correct manner within terms of the Council guidelines.

3. A Chartered Accountant working in a C.A. firm can hold Cop However, he is not entitled to do any attest function.

4. A CA in practice who is otherwise eligible may practice as an Advocate subject to the permission of the Bar Council but in such cases, he should not use designation ‘CA’ in respect of the matters involving the practice as an Advocate. In respect of other matters, he should use the designation ‘CA’ but he should not use the designation ‘CA’ and ‘Advocate’ simultaneously.

5. A member is permitted to print such qualification on the visiting cards, letter heads & other stationery. However, he cannot use the designation ‘Information System Auditor’

6. No CA in practice shall charge or offer to charge, accept or offer to accept, in respect of any professional work, fees which are based on a percentage of profits, or which are contingent upon the findings, or results of such work.

7. A CA in practice is not permitted to engage himself in any business or occupation other than the profession of CAs.

8. All the joint auditors are jointly and severally responsible in respect of the audit work which is not divided among the joint auditors and is carried out by all of them, in respect of audit work divided among the joint auditors, each joint auditor is responsible only for the work allocated to him, whether or not he has prepared a separate report on the work performed by him.

What are Professional Misconducts of a Chartered Accountant Part- 2

9. A CA in practice shall be deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct, if he discloses information acquired in the course of his professional engagement to any person other than his client so engaging him, without the consent of his client or otherwise than as required by any law.

10. A member of the Institute shall be deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct if he does not supply the information called for, or does not comply with the requirements asked for by the Institute.

11. A CA in practice is not permitted to use the designation ‘Corporate Lawyer’.

Do’s for a Chartered Accountant

1. A member may appear on television/Radio or give lectures at forums and may give his name and describe himself as CA. But no reference should be made, in the case of practicing member to the name and address or services of his firm. What he may say or write must not be promotional of him or his firm but must be an objective professional view of the topic under consideration.

2. A member in practice may advertise the services setting out the services provided by him or his firm, and particulars of his firm, through a `Write-Up’, subject to such guidelines as may be issued by the Council.

3. A member of the Institute, whether in practice or not, shall be deemed to be guilty of professional misconduct if he includes in any statement, return or form to be submitted to the Council any particulars knowing them to be false.

4. A CA in practice is allowed to accept teaching assignment in university, affiliated colleges, educational institution, coaching organization, private tutorship, provided the direct teaching hours devoted to such activities taken together do not exceed 25 hours a week.

5. A members should take necessary steps to ensure that such prospectus or public announcements or public communications do not advertise his professional attainments and also that such prospectus or public announcements or public communications do not directly or indirectly amount to solicitation of clients for professional work by the member.

6. A member is a partner in more than one firm, it is permissible to print the names of all the firms on visiting cards, letter-heads, stationery etc.

7. A CA can be a Director of a Company (not being a Managing Director or Whole-Time Director), unless he or any of his partners is interested in such a company as an auditor.

8. There is no bar for a member to go in for ISO 9001:2000 certification or other similar certifications. However, the member cannot use the expression like “ISO Certified” on his professional documents, visiting cards, letter-heads or sign boards etc.

9. A CA can participate in the preparation of profit or financial forecasts and can review them, provided he indicates clearly in his report the sources of information, the basis of forecasts and does not vouch for the accuracy of the forecasts.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is based on knowledge obtained from ICAI Publications. It is provided for general guidance to the intended user. I recommend that professional advice is necessary before taking any action on the basis of the article provided.

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