21st January, 2020

On-line facility for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium for appearing in CA examinations

It is found that some candidates while filling the examination application form do not exercise reasonable care and commit errors and seek change of Centre/Group/Medium, on account of errors committed by them in their examination application forms, after submission.

With a view to provide an opportunity to the candidates to correct such errors made by them while submitting their examination application forms, it has been decided to put in place an on- line facility to view and correct errors if any, committed by them while submitting the examination application form, in the fields of Centre/Group/Medium, (i.e. for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium), with effect from May 2015 examinations.

Salient features of the facility are as follows:

1. Manual applications seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium will not be

2. The on-line window for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium will made available at

3. This online facility will be available to the candidates who have submitted their examination application forms and not for applying for the exam.

4. Candidates will be able to check the status of their request for change of Centre/Group/Medium , if approved, in their Admit Cards

5. Additionally candidates who have applied for the exam under Old Syllabus but have converted to New Syllabus will also be able to seek the change of syllabus from Old Syllabus to New Syllabus.

Details are as follows:

I. Free on-line facility for seeking change of Centre/Group/Medium:

1. Details contained in the examination application forms submitted by the candidates wil be hosted on website, normally about 3/4 days after the last date for submission of examination application forms with late fee. Please check the same under Important dates hosted at

2. This “Correction Window” will be open for a week.

3. A candidate while applying for change of Centre/Group/Medium through the online facility as mentioned above, will be required to login to his/her dashboard at and apply

4. Candidates will be permitted to correct errors if any, including Centre/Group/Medium RpSed,Ietc., Wn theFdata hLsted, ZKHn the “DorrectWoR :LWnIGZ’ Ws

5. Candidates will also be permitted to change the Group opted, i.e., from single Group to both Groups and the Centre opted, i.e., from an Indian Centre to Overseas Centre and pay the dWLferentWal exLmWOat on fPe QnlWneLthroLI h the RayOLntHgLI eZKy, thrJKgh the “ SrrectWoQ :LWnGRZ’ .

6. A change may include change of Centre/Group/Medium either jointly or severally. Only one application for change will be accepted so apply judiciously.

7. Candidates who have applied for the exam under Old Syllabus but have converted to New Syllabus will also be able to seek the change of syllabus from Old Syllabus to New Syllabus

8. This facility is available free of cost.

9. The candidate will be required to upload scanned copy of a handwritten/typed application for change of Centre/Group/Medium duly signed by him.

10. Upon submission of the request, the candidate will get a Successful Submission confirmation on the screen. It is made clear here that successful submission of request does not mean that the request has been approved.

11. Admit cards will be issued to the candidates who apply through this “Correction Window”, after incorporating the changes sought.

12. Candidates may please note that there will be NO second opportunity / correction window-2 (with Fees)

II. Norms governing the change of Centre/Group/Medium, through the “Corrections Window”

1. Change of Centre will be permitted subject to administrative exigencies and cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

2. Change of examination centre from one city to another city will generally be considered.

3. In the case of multi zone cities, it will be the endeavour of the Institute to allot the candidates to examination centres ( i.e. schools/colleges) in the zones which they have opted in the examination application form. However, Institute shall be at liberty to shift the candidates to centres ( i.e schools/colleges) in a zone other than the zone opted, in the same city, in case of shortage of accommodation in the zone opted for or on account of any other administrative exigencies.

4. Change from one examination centre (i.e. school/college) to another examination centre ( i.e. school/college) within the same zone, in a city, shall not be permitted.

5. Change of Group will generally be considered.

6. Change of Medium will be permitted subject to availability of the medium sought at the particular centre( i.e. school/college) where the candidate is originally allotted. If the medium sought is not available at the centre( i.e. school/college) where the candidate is initially allotted, the candidate may be shifted to another centre( i.e. school/college) in the same city/zone where the medium sought is available.

7. Institute shall not be responsible! liable in respect of any hardship and!or consequential loss!damages that may be suffered by a candidate, in case his request is not entertained.

Candidates are advised to take note of the above provisions carefully and take advantage of the on-line facility being made available appropriately. For any clarifications in this regard, candidate may write to

Final Candidates : final [email protected]

Intermediate Candidates : intermediate [email protected]

Foundation Candidates : foundation [email protected]

Examination Department

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  1. Nishi says:

    Actually I want to know within how many days examination department approve the request for change in centre opted along with prescribed fee of rs 1000/- from correction window… there any issue related to the approval from examination department

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