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Hi Readers,

Hope my this blog finds you in the pink of health and high spirit. Given the rapid rate of change in our world, the ability to adjust and adapt is critical to success. We learn to quickly analyze what is going on around us and make adjustments on the fly—all the while keeping our goals at the forefront of the mind.

  • set goals
  • seek answers
  • navigate information
  • collaborate with others
  • create something
  • evaluate their work
  • improve it
  • share it with the world
  • Initiative

The entrepreneurial spirit is founded on initiative—the willingness to step forward with an idea and take the risk of bringing it to fruition. The changing economic landscape requires entrepreneurs. We need to learn how to set goals for ourselves, plan how to reach goals, and enact plans accordingly. Once we feel comfortable with charting our own course, it will readily launch into activity.

We all must have:

  • question,
  • plan,
  • research,
  • create,
  • improve, and
  • present.
  • Social Skills

Human being have always been social creatures, connecting to and depending on a tribe of some hundred others. Technology now allows people to belong to multiple tribes—friends on Facebook, colleagues on LinkedIn, fans on fan sites, gamers on massively multiplayer online games. In all of these environments, social skills are critical. Whether we are having a face-to-face meeting or are tweeting with hundreds of strangers, there are real human beings with real thoughts, feelings, and needs on the other end. And, as work environments become more collaborative, social skills are a key to success.

The best way for us to develop social skills is to collaborate with others. When we work together on a project, we have common goals and interests, they are required to develop social skills such as these:

  • cooperation
  • compromise
  • decision making
  • communicating
  • using emotional intelligence
  • using constructive criticism
  • trusting others
  • delivering on promises
  • coordinating work
  • Productivity

Productivity is vital in terms of output, what we do is important but how much productivity we are having equally matters.

By using the inquiry process and developing projects, students learn the habits of productivity:

  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Research
  • Development
  • Evaluation
  • Revision
  • Application
  • Leadership

Leadership is a suite of related skills that combines the other life skills. Good leaders take initiative, have strong social skills, are flexible, and are productive. They also do the following:

  • Identify goals
  • Inspire others to share those goals
  • Organize a group so that all members can contribute according to their abilities
  • Resolve conflicts among members
  • Encourage the group to reach their goals
  • Help group members solve problems and improve performance
  • Give credit where it is due

Hope this will help you next time when you date your stress !!!!

Be Blessed and have a great time ahead.

PCS Gaurav Kumar

Founder of Compliance Calendar LLP

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