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Urja Mahesh KariaIn a world where we are hustling to make ends meet, everyone is busy fighting their own battles; there is a need, need for move Love. Hate begets more Hate. Only Love can outcast all those feelings of enmity. Love isn’t only being affectionate towards one person. Love is boundless and has an infinite meaning than we are aware of.

Being Kind is nothing but the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. When you are kind to others, the impact of your action doesn’t stop there.  Many times the recipient of your kindness and others who see or hear about your kindness are inspired to be kinder. KINDNESS INDUCES MORE KINDNESS. IT IS CONTAGIOUS.  So let us all try and make small efforts in our everyday life to be kind, who knows, we might as well end up making someone happy.


  • SMILE- Keep Smiling. Smile at the person you sit next to in the train, smile at someone you cross paths with on the road or in the park, when we smile it makes the other person feel so much better and also it makes us so much more beautiful. All the pretty ones have one thing in common – they all Smile. J
  • BUY A NEEDY PERSON SOMETHING- There are a lot of unfortunate people who don’t have so many things and so many comforts which we do. So once in a while if you come across any such person, buy him something, be it food or clothes or toys, the happiness you get to witness on their faces will be priceless.
  • LEAVE MOTIVATIONAL NOTES- Write motivational and inspirational quotes on sticky notes and just stick it at any place, or leave it wherever you go. When some stranger unexpectedly finds it and reads it, it will make his day.
  • RECIPROCATE LOVE- There are so many people in our lives who love us and care for us, our family, friends, colleagues. Often times we forget to reciprocate their love. Tell them you love them, that you admire them. Everybody deserves to be Loved and being told that you are loved is always nice.
  • COMPLIMENT SOMEONE- Today take the opportunity to genuinely notice something good in someone, and compliment them, with all your heart. Be it their looks, or their clothes or any quality about them. Tell them how it’s good and why you like it. (Not virtually text or call, personally tell them). Everyone fancies it when good things are said about them.
  • THANK PEOPLE- Thank all the people who do something for you every day. Be it your driver or your maid or the liftman, they definitely make our life so much easier and this is the least they owe from us. Let them know you are grateful for their help. This will not only make them happy, but it’ll also give us some satisfaction for acknowledging their work.
  • LISTEN- There are times when everyone needs someone who can listen to them and all they can do is talk to let those feelings out of them and feel relieved. The world has a lot of people who wants to talk, but who wants to listen? People don’t always want us to suggest a solution. They just want us to listen. We underestimate how important and comforting it is to be listened to. So be patient and listen to people, hear them out, understand them.
  • LET SOMEONE GET AHEAD- We always try to get ahead and over take people, literally. When we are in the queue we look for ways to sneak in between or when we want to overtake a car in front of us. For a change, let’s not, just let them get ahead, let them be joyous for their small win, today you let them get ahead of you, tomorrow they will let someone else.
  • PAY FOR SOMEONES LUNCH- Be it someone you know or even a stranger, pay for someone’s food. It’s also nice to get free lunch.

Let’s be Kind and try to make this Beautiful world a better place.

As Mark Twain said, “Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.

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  1. NSingh says:

    Nice writing Oorja! but on today each and every one to preach no one want to listen to others. They want to use but so inability to help the needies.

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