The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), in a bid to save time and money of students pursuing the Chartered Accountancy programme as they complete their course is planning to provide them with coaching classes taught by the faculty members through virtual and physical medium.

Amarjit Chopra, president of ICAI said that, “This initiative, for students who work for 14 hours a day towards completing their article-ship along with studies, will immensely help them to reduce stress while they juggle between tuition centres and workplace where they do their articleship.”

Overhauling the examination system is also on the radar of ICAI, as it mulls to modify the academic pattern by basing it on the application model.

“The ICAI may introduce case studies in examination in order to test the aptitude and analytical prowess of students which will help them to build up their own understanding of the subject,” added Chopra.

Under the aegis of the Board of Studies, the ICAI, on the physical front will put in place regular classroom teaching at all important places.

“Covering each and every aspect of the course, these classes are expected to provide students with complete guidance. Moreover, such an initiative will enhance the personal interaction between teachers and students where they will benefit from the face-to-face discussions,” said an official from the ICAI.

The study material will be accordingly revised while keying on the applicability skills.

Application based questions in the Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Professional Competence Course (PCC) and Integrated Professional competence Course (IPCC) will be introduced in order to enhance the critical skills of students.

“The provision to provide coaching classes to students may take two years to evolve into a concrete shape. Moreover, we are also planning to undertake research projects particularly in the field where the Institute can come up with suggestions towards optimum utilization of scarce resources of economy for industry and government agencies,” said an official of ICAI.

The ICAI is also lined up with another initiative which will ensure that the grievance redressal system e-samadhan becomes more responsive and effective.


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