No.2/2/2007Admn.  dated the 5 th May 2009 

SFIO, Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Serious Fraud Investigation Office, B3 Wing, 2 nd Floor, Paryavaran Bhavan, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003, New Delhi, 

SFIO, a multidisciplinary organization set up to investigate corporate frauds, intends to outsource experts in the field of Banking, Law, Forensic Audit , Capital Market and Corporate Law on shortterm basis for its office located at New Delhi and Mumbai. Interested persons [including retired] [not more than 65 years of age] with requisite experience in Public Sector Banks, Central Organized Accounting Services, Ministry of Law, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Public Sector Undertakings , Security Exchange Board of India, Statutory Organizations, Central / State Autonomous Bodies, National Stock Exchanges, etc. may submit their detailed resume/profile along with terms and conditions [ details of past experience, expected remuneration etc.] to this organization immediately but not later than 31 st May 2009 to the address indicated above. The offer may be submitted in two separate bids – one containing detailed resume/experience etc. and the second envelope containing the remuneration and other financial terms etc. 

It may be noted that the remuneration of Technical Consultants would be subject to a ceiling of Rs.80,000/- per month. 

The features of the scheme are as under:· 

A panel of about 10 officers would be formed in each field i.e. Banking, Law, Capital Market, Corporate Law and Forensic Audit whose age is upto 65 years as on 1.5.2009 for utilizing their services at Delhi and Mumbai; 

· The work will be on a short-term basis for a maximum period of three months on each occasion; 

· The officers to be empanelled should maintain good health and have requisite  computer knowledge; 

· Each empanelled officer will have to execute Oath of Secrecy, Oath of Allegiance, undertaking regarding conflict of interest; 

· SFIO would provide a certificate regarding indemnity from prosecution.


Job description / experience 

Banking:Examination of a case from banking angle. Minimum 10 years experience in banking sector, expertise and having domain knowledge preferably in internal audit, credit, Forex, Credit remittances and merchant banking; 

Forensic Audit:Examination of a case from audit angle. Minimum 10 years experience in the auditing field – commercial audit, internal audit and people conversant with techniques of forensic audit and having experience in the field of accounting audit etc. 

Corporate Law:Examination of a case under various provisions of Corporate Law. Minimum 10 years experience in the field. Expertise and knowledge of Corporate Act and other regulatory laws. 

Law:Minimum 10 years experience. Analytical skill in various regulatory laws. Experience in enforcement of regulatory laws or investigation of economic offences and preferably knowledge of Indian Penal Code, Code of Civil procedure, , economic laws such as Foreign Contribution Regulation Act/ Foreign Exchange Management Act/Income Tax/ Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act/ Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act/ Customs & Excise etc. Experience in handling court cases and other legal matters or had been advocate who has practiced for five years in any Court of Law. 

Capital Market:Minimum 10 years experience. Having expert knowledge of SEBI Act, Securities Contract Regulation Act, Depository Act etc and various regulations governing operations of Capital Market Intermediaries and Merchant Banking.

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