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Transaction under MSA between NES India & NES Abu Dhabi is a Zero rated supply

In re Nes Global Specialist Engineering Services Private Limited (GST AAR Maharashtra)

In re Nes Global Specialist Engineering Services Private Limited (GST AAR Maharashtra) Question :- Whether the transaction in question is a Zero Rated Supply or a Normal Supply under GST ACT? Answer :- In view of the discussions we hold that the transaction covered under the MSA dated between the applicant and NES Abu Dhabi […]...

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Clarification on Intra-State E-way Bill limit of Rs. One lac in Maharashtra

Corrigendum to Trade Circular No. 36T of 2018 (19/12/2018)

It is hereby clarified that, there is no change in the monetary limit for the intra-State movement of the goods as provided under the Notification cited at Ref. (1) above. In other words, with effect from 1st July 2018, no e-way bill is required to be generated for the intra-State movement in the State of Maharashtra...

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E-Way Bill: Common Enrolment for Registered Transporters -Points to Remember

One of the requests of the transporters was that they have to be allowed to use one registration number for updation of e-way bills throughout the country. That is, once the e-way bill generated with one of GSTIN of its company, the system should enable to update the Part-B using any of their GSTINs without […]...

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GST on Services Provided to NGOs Registered as Charitable Trust

In re Ecosan Services Foundation (GST AAR Maharastra)

In re Ecosan Services Foundation (GST AAR Maharastra) Question : Services provided to (NGO) Non-profit organization registered as Trust having registration U/s. 12AA of Income Tax Act, amounts to provision of service and any grant/ Donation received towards performing specific service towards preservation of environment as specified in n...

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5% GST payable on Earth Work constituting more than 75% of work order

In re M/s. P.K. Agarwala (GST AAR Jharkhand)

In re M/s. P.K. Agarwala (GST AAR Jharkhand) The term Earth Work has not been defined under any GST provisions. The Webster Dictionary defines Earth Work as ” an embankment or construction made of earth specially one used as a field fortification. The Collins dictionary defines Earth Work as “excavation of earth as in enginee...

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GST: Deduction of Value of Land – Notional or Actual ??

Challenging the deemed value of land shall be far more difficult than what it seems. It shall be better if an alternate structure is adopted for transfer of land (e.g. separation of land owner and developer) to keep the fair value of land outside the ambit of GST....

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