"26 March 1999" Archive

Circular No. 775-Income Tax Dated 26-3-1999

Circular No. 775-Income Tax (26/03/1999)

Circular No. 775-Income Tax Section 80DD, substituted for sections 80DD and 80DDA by the Finance (No. 2) Act, 1998, lays down that the deduction on ac­count of expenditure incurred by way of medical treatment (in­cluding nursing), training and rehabilitation of a handicapped dependant or amount paid or deposited in...

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Notification No.15/99 – Central Excise; Dated: 26.03.1999

Notification No. 15/1999-Central Excise (26/03/1999)

the manufacturer maintains an account of the quantity of cement cleared in bulk from the factory, the quantity of the cement received at the declared bagging plant, and the cement cleared in bags from the bagging plant thereafte....

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