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Advance rulings | Definition of Business | Sec 2(17) | CGST Act, 2017

Definition Of  Business Under GST – Overview Supply or acquisition of goods including capital goods and services Admission of person to any premises Provision of facilities to a member of a club, association etc Activities are undertaken by CG, SG or  any Local authority Services supplied as the holder of the office Services by Ra...

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Advance rulings | Scope of Supply | Section 7 | CGST Act, 2017

Section specific advance ruling under GST Act – Sec 7 of CGST and SGST Act 2017 Article contains section 7 “Supply” related advance rulings under GST pronounced by Advance Ruling Authorities of Various States. Advance ruling’ means a decision provided by the Authority or the Appellate Authority to an applicant on matte...

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