"27 November 2001" Archive

Circular No. 70/2001-Customs Duty, Dated: 27.11.2004

Circular No. 70/2001-Custom Duty (27/11/2001)

I am directed to invite your attention to the subject mentioned above and to say that a doubt has been raised whether the benefit of above exemption can be allowed to Furnace Oil even when the said oil is not directly used in the manufacture of fertilisers....

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Public Notice No. 51 (RE-2001)/1997-2002, Dated: 27.11.2001

Public Notice No. 51 (RE-01)/1997-2002 (27/11/2001)

In the case of exports on an outright purchase in advance as per paragraph 8.59(ii) of the Handbook (Vol 1), the exports have to be completed within a maximum period of 180 days from the date of outright purchase of the precious metal provided the outright purchase was made on or before 11th September, 2001....

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