"11 May 1970" Archive

Notification: G.S.R.825 Date of Issue: 11/5/1970

Notification: G.S.R.825 (11/05/1970)

Notification: G.S.R.825 In pursuance of the provisions of section 280D of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961), the Central Government hereby notifies that annuity deposits made or recovered during the year 1970-71 shall bear interest at the rate of 4 1/4 per cent. (approximately) per annum ...

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Circular No. 40-Income Tax dated 11-5-1970

Circular No. 40-Income Tax (11/05/1970)

Circular No. 40-Income Tax In para 1.45 of their 100th Report (1969-70), the Public Accounts Committee have observed as follows : "The Government are yet to clarify to the public whether a party would forfeit the development rebate when the entire assets are sold to Government and the development rebate reserve...

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