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Input tax credit and Interest applicability on Debit notes

Background: In terms of the provisions relating to issue of debit notes in s 34(3) of the CGST Act, it shall be issued by the registered person who has supplied such goods or services or both where the taxable value and/or tax charged in the invoice is found to be lesser than the actual value/tax […]...

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CA IPC/Intermediate July 2021 Exam Pass Percentage & Toppers

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) today announced the results of Chartered Accountants Intermediate (IPC) & Intermediate (New) examination held in July, 2021. A. Result of Chartered Accountants Intermediate (IPC) Examination Held in July – 2021 The result of the Chartered Accountants Intermediate (IPC) Exami...

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Analysis on Recommendation from 45th GST Council Meeting

Concept of Person being distinct is only for GST perspective, otherwise, it is one and same person only. Hence it will help the registered person to unlock its working capital and less administrative work for GST department...

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FAQs on Inverted Duty Structure of GST

Q.1 What is Inverted Duty Structure in GST? Ans: The term ‘Inverted Tax Structure‘ refers to a situation where the rate of tax on inputs purchased is more than the rate of tax on outward supplies. That means Inverted Duty Structure arises when tax paid on Inward Supplies is higher than tax payable on outward supplies. For Example [...

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राज्यों की जीएसटी क्षतिपूर्ति बना केन्द्र के लिए सरदर्द

राज्यों की जीएसटी क्षतिपूर्ति बनी जीएसटी कानून के क्रियान्वयन में रोड़ा: हाल में ही जीएसटी काउंसिल की 45 वीं मिटिंग सम्पन्न हुई जि...

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Alignment of interest of Key Employees of AMCs with Unitholders of MF Schemes

https://www.sebi.gov.in/legal/circulars/apr-2021/alignment-of-interest-of-key-employees-of-asset-management-companies-amcs-with-the-unitholders-of-the-mutual-fund-schemes_49979.html 28/04/2021

Alignment of interest of Key Employees of Asset Management Companies (AMCs) with the Unitholders of the Mutual Fund Schemes SEBI has taken steps to standardize the scheme categories and characteristics of each category. Now, the risk return profile of the schemes rests with the AMCs and its key employees. SEBI decided that the part of [&h...

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Constitution of India: CS Executive Jurisprudence, Interpretation & General Law

The Constitution of India is the greatest law of our country. It provides a framework that distinguishes state institutions’ basic policy codes, structures, duties, procedures, and powers. It also regulates the principles, obligations, and rights of citizens. The country’s Constitution establishes the laws and principles for the count...

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Career Opportunities for Young CS on Contract Basis for ROC work

CRC EXECUTIVES (ON CONTRACTUAL BASIS)- (Candidates having minimum one year post qualification experience will be preferred). The Consolidated payout will be in the range of Rs. 33000 to Rs. 40000 per month...

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Private Placement- Full Concept with Procedure

Concept Article focus on Private Placement under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2013 shall be made only to a select group of persons. Whose number shall not exceed fifty or such higher number as may be prescribed excluding the qualified institutional buyers and employees of the company being offered securities under a scheme of [&hellip...

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How multinational companies save tax

Many multinational Companies is used various schemes to shift profit from high-tax country to low-tax country. Bermuda is the prime Example of lower tax Jurisdiction, where corporate income tax is equal is 0%. In a survey, it was found that around US$420 Billion in Corporate profit is shifted by Multinational companies to 79 country every...

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