CA Result out yesterday. I know those who have cleared, there were tremendous happiness and it should be. It’s a life time achievement. However, those who have not cleared yet like mine have number of feelings like sorrow, guilt and many more.

Not getting cleared means not a failure at all. Failure happens when you finally give up. Till that time it’s not a failure, it’s a temporary defeat. If you want you can watch my YouTube video “The Power of Defeat” and if you really feel it’s inspiring and motivating you by at least 1% you share it with those who facing this kind of negativity in any aspect of life.

Dont give up You can do itRemember Sun never tired off for daily rising up. In rainy season due to cloudy environment, we think Sun was not rise up. But that’s not the truth he is already there. Moment clouds aside Sun brighten up again. That’s what we have to follow in our own life. Then only we can brighten up our own life as well as that of the others.

Everything can be planned and everything can be achieved if one act as per plan. So my dear friends come out on your own from this, as early as possible. I know it’s not easy to keep self-motivated but then I myself from last 13 years doing this. Watch my YouTube video “The Power of Self-Motivation”. Only second group remain to be cleared. This time I thought I will share with you my positive result and story of becoming Chartered. But then it’s just not happened. So what…I asked this question to myself. I have not given up. I know I deserve it and that day is not so far.

By this Article I am encouraging to all of you as well as myself just don’t give up. Keep faith in your own ability and we have already reach up to this level. I will say it’s our birth right to have this prideful degree prefix before our name.

So let’s start together, don’t stop what may come.

No Challenges plus No Obstacles is equal to Zero Growth !!

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  1. Happy W. says:

    Respected Madam Radha,

    I am student.
    I care-fully read the article and comments, your comments is very usfule, kindly elaborote, how it works.
    This is to introduce you that, completed 3 years Articleship with fule-dodication and also passed PE2.
    Pl. guide. I shall be highly obligid.

  2. CMA. Amit Jain says:

    As per my opinion the standard of checking the answers by the examiners’ must be improved by the Professional Institutions.
    This is the need of the hour.
    I appreciate your persistance.
    I felt that the examiners, who are checking the answers, are very less professionally experienced vis a vis possess less relevant knowledge in comparison to the many examinees like You. This also might be due to periodically improvement, which is highly appreciable, in syllabus with the motive of the Institutes, to equip the pass outs to handle current & prospective business perspectives, inter-alia others.

    However the examiners, as I understand, are provided with the answers’ script.
    There is much possibilty of further assignment of this task to sub-ordinate etc.

    Rest might be imagined.

    So, there should be a revolunised system in Answers Marking.

    There is a need of Professionals like you to handle nitti-grittis of businesses aspects, inter-alia others, in current scenarios.


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