Q 1. Can I transport the goods with the e-way bill without vehicle details in it?

Ans:  No. One needs to transport the goods with a e-way bill specifying the vehicle number, which is a carrying the goods. However, where the goods are transported for a distance of less than Fifty kilometers within the State from the place of business of consignor to the place of transporter for further transportation, then the vehicle number is a not mandatory.

Q 2. In case where goods are sent by the principal in one state to a job-worker in another state, who shall generate an e-way Bill? How the e-way bill be generated in job work transaction?

Ans:  In this case E-way bill shall be generated by the principal or job-worker, if registered, irrespective of the value of consignment.

Job work transaction is executed through Delivery Challans. At the time of sending the material, the outward supply type should be selected with ‘Job Work’ subtype and incase of return of material the ‘Inward Supply’ type should be selected with ‘Job Work Returns’ subtype.

Q 3. What is the relevance of entering pin codes in generation of e way bill?

Ans: Auto calculation of distance between the source and destination, based on the PIN Codes. The e-waybill system will calculate and display the estimated motorable distance between the supplier and recipient addresses.

User is allowed to enter the actual distance as per the movement of goods. However, it will be limited to 10% more than the auto calculated distance displayed. For example, if the system has displayed the distance between Place A and B, based on the PIN Codes, as 655 KMs, then the user is allowed to enter the actual distance covered up to 720KMs (655KMs + 65KMs).

Q 4. Can two eway bills be generated for a particular invoice or delivery challan?

Ans: One Invoice One E way Bill Policy will be followed. System will not allow to generate multiple e way bill on same invoice.

Q 5. Can e way bill be extended?

Ans: To avail this option one must go to the form of extension validity and choose “Yes” for extension in the e-Way Bill. Transportation Details (Part -B) will appear in the form where the user needs to select the position of the consignment as In Transit / In Movement.
Normally the validity can be extended under exceptional situations eg. Law and Order issues, natural calamity, accident of vehicle, transshipment delay, other etc.

Q 6. What is Multiple Vehicle on E Way Bill? (important for trnsporters)

Ans: On 11th June, 2018, the ‘Update multi-vehicle’ feature for E-way bill was enabled bringing in the much-needed declaration tool to reduce the efforts of many transporters. This option is available at the place of transhipment and not from supplier’s place.

It is used to update for moving a single consignment in multiple vehicles from transhipment place. Earlier, separate delivery challans had to be raised first for consignment moving in multiple-vehicles, followed by generation of separate E-way bills for the same. Now, using the multi-vehicle updation, the multiple conveyance details can be filled in after generating the E-way bill.

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