Nothing is permanent. Yes and therefore this COVID -19 is also has to be passed in near future. History shows that everything on this planet whatever it may be, changed after some period of time.

Just like there is birth and death in case of all living being, same is the case with any other situation. A Situation either positive or negative arises, remained for some period of time and vanishes thereafter. It is rule of life that one which came on the earth has to leave it one day or the other.

My point is don’t panic in current COVID -19 scenario. All of us including you are suffering. No one here left behind. So don’t think that you are the only one who is suffering the most due to this adverse situation. How you utilizing this lockdown period is most important. I have written my 1st book in this lock down period named “Have a Wonderful Day” which was published in last week on Amazon. The book will help you to remain calm, motivated and energetic in this current scenario. The link of the book for your convenience is

Please keep in mind following Ten Action Points and face the current situation like a Warrior:-

  • Get up on usual time and early in the morning
  • Do exercise and meditation
  • Read whatever you like (No news paper)
  • Avoid any type of news early in the day as well as before going to bed
  • Schedule your day a night before
  • Chit chat and play with your family members
  • Cook something if you like
  • Drink sufficient water in a day
  • Eat simple food
  • Avoid late nights. It means sleep on time.

Hope above article helps you to stay strong and fight against this pandemic!

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