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May 2014 came with a ray of light in the name and stature of our Honourable PM Narendra Modi. He brought India on the world map, made our presence felt, strengthened our belief, brought smile and confidence on the face of Indians residing in India and abroad, made us believe that good can win over evil and spared no effort to do whatever he could to make our country stand on its feet.

Terrorism and ugly politics, funded by black money, are a cancer for India and PM Narendra Modi is the only Doctor who can cure it. The procedure to cure cancer is indeed very painful but this pain is worth taking as it can breathe life back into our ailing nation.

Some might think that I am a BJP supporter or that probably I have been influenced to promote BJP. Thus, I do not care what people think, it’s just that I am not blind and that I can see clearly as to who cares for this country. PM Modi’s eyes and actions are honest and this honesty is apparent in every word that he speaks. He has been able to sway the nation because he believed in India and its people.


We cannot let him fail, he has risked everything he has, by taking such stern action against Black Money and now it’s our turn to do the needful, to once again join the movement of Independence from fear, from terrorism, from ugly politics based on religion, cast and creed. We can no longer stay divided basis our petty differences; we can no longer stand like silent spectators because if Modi ji fails then India fails….

Mother India, as we say, has been looted time and again by various persons for their selfish gains and we cannot let that continue. Its worth running an extra mile for our home, our country. India is our home and if it is not safe then we are not safe. Fortunately our country is in good hands now and we need to strengthen those hands with ours.

Please do not allow some selfish politicians to make you blind for their own selfish purposes sighting inconveniences being faced by you because every transformational transition involves pain and realignment and we all know that WHERE THERE IS NO PAIN THERE IS NO GAIN.


(Compiled by  CA Sahil Jolly – Jolly & Co. Chartered Accountants, Contact: +91-9999830077, Email :

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46 responses to “Support Nation, Support our PM Narendra Modi”

  1. YASHWANT says:

    Black Money,Corruption is the main point of Arivand Kegrivals to come in politics. now he takes u turns rather than suport to PM.

  2. PC SSharma says:

    Bold and historical. NETAS now in opposition have looted the AAM ADMI for all these years and now they r crying in the name of common man!

  3. K.L.SETHI says:


  4. solar Prabhakar says:

    Yes we should extend our fullest support to Modiji in this crucial time.

    Solar Prabhakr

  5. CA Prabhakar.G Bangalore says:

    Namo, Namo Namsthe Modiji. Great thanks to LK Advaniji to propose such true patriotic, sincere, courageous, Prime Minister with great thoughts, great vision, planning, implementation concern for poor and what not. The real meaning of Swatcha Baharat what Modiji expects is not only cleaning roads and drainages but also cleaning corruption, black money, terrorist money and ultimately corrupt minds of politicians and bureaucrats. Hats off for his vision of Jan dhan yojana which is now helpful for poor people to get their money exchanged. The inconvenience caused is very temporary and people have almost adjusted for the crisis. I want to see Modiji as PM for ever and let GOD bless him with good health and long life who is real son of Bharat Maata. Finally Great Great regards for Modiji’s Mother and his family for donating him for the nation.

    Chartered Accountant, Bangalore

  6. K K KATARYA says:

    Sir, I fully support PM action. But there are certain questions in my mind which remained un-awnsered as follows:
    1. as to how, black money available with political parties will come out ? Needless to mention, their fund collection through black & white is ample.
    2. How they will get replaced old currency available with them? We have all the right know the figure.
    3.How corruption may be eradicated without complete ban on public meetings during election ? Why they can’t deliver their speeches through electronic media only to save number of man hours, time, energy and money?

  7. SHASHIKALA N S says:

    Prime Minister Sir,
    We all support your good movement towards eradication of corruption, common man is definitely ready to suffer a little, for a good cause, but please keep a close watch on the transactions, which can benefit the corrupt people

  8. CA I N Rana says:

    I support our PM’s decision. Its a bold step. We should be patient and shouldn’t let the cheap politics to play in…. India will win this time

  9. F.K. Lawyer says:

    Mr. Narendra Mody, truly a man of word. I support him to the end. Bravo Narendraji. Keep up the good work done by none others since Independence.

    Long live Modyji. Long live India.
    Jai Hind.

  10. Anil Kumar says:

    Fantastic. I am continously watching the news update to see its real effect. Please do not roll back. Let the common man live peacefully with his meagre income. But, worried about the non-availability of smaller denominations. Why don’t you crack-down the hoarders of smaller currencies? Please also go after the real estate and commodity maffia.

  11. C.A. Anish Mehta says:

    I am in support of truly Bold step. Nobody in the world has courage to take such a bold step. (56″ chest)


    I Support P.M.Modi (Sir) and welcome your decision, but try to help the needy.

  13. RAMASHARAN SP says:

    modi tum sou(100) saal jiyo nahin, sou(100) saal hamaara pradhani bane raho

    from an ex serviceman

  14. Narendra Gautam says:

    I support the step taken against black money by PM Narendra Modi Ji . We are with him in this movement.


    A very bold decision by Mr Modi. But it looks like the big fish escaped the net. Anyway , it is good that people start using digital money with transparency. Also government should think now to make income tax a pleasure and duty for every citizen and not a pain. Please alleviate the pain of common man ( salaried and small traders) by rationalising and reducing the tax rates in the next budget. Government should instill confidence in every citizen that every rupee paid by them in the form of tax is put to productive use for betterment of life in this country. We are with you Mr . Na Mo.

  16. Ranganatha (CA) says:

    Corporate and professionals like us feel happy and sleep well without any tensions like who has lot of corruption money by politicians, fraud Govt employees in the tax depts, real estate big cheaters and others who cheating by the way of tax to govt……Modiji is my hero of the nation and my small request you all don’t pay any bribe to anybody!!!

  17. Shridhara K says:

    What the step taken by our honorable PM is one of the best decision after independence of india. Still corruption is remained in lower level which I know, only PM or some responsible persons in administration could not solve it. So, I suggest all that all should take a oath not to give or take bribery so that we can help the nation to develop its economy and stand as other developed countries in the world.

  18. P says:

    CAs must first take pledge that they will not encourage black money creation by their clients and rampant Corruption in Income Tax Department.

  19. g.mahadevaswamy says:

    a accept modiji decision , every Indian should support modi, the people wii stand in quee for ours togather for film ticket, bus ticket, and in hotels, and our beloved solder stand in border thorughout year, for us, as indian atleast we should take some pain in quee for short piriod, , by that we sccseeded of modi decion of black money

  20. AKSHAY P PATEL says:

    This is a greatest step taken by Shri Narendrabhai Modi with just one and only interest “NATIONAL INTEREST” it is not for self, Party, Supporter, Fans, relatives, Voters and Industrialist.

  21. Vijayalakshmi says:

    The steel man after Vallabai Patel

  22. CA Dinesh Vaidya says:

    This might be a turning point of India’s economy. Those who are worried about people’s difficulty they should rush to them to help and to inspire them to bear some pain to get longer gain. I agree that we are facing some difficulties in our daily life. But we must think of country and strongly oppose those who oppose this step of Narendra Modi. This is a time when we can do something for country.

  23. sheela says:

    Dear PM
    Inspite of the difficulties being faced, very bold action taken to eradicate corruption. Now our country is in safe hands. We honestly support our PM for Noble cause.

  24. N.K.Chhabra says:

    I am always with the endevours of our P.M Shri Narendra Modi. Maa blesses him always for our beloved country

  25. N.K.Chhabra says:

    I am with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his endeavours. Goddess Blesses him in his noble mission for our beloved country

  26. pravin d lavana says:

    It is very good step taken by our PM Shri Narendra Modiji we all must support him by all means. It is the duty of all Indian citizen not to give their hands in making black money into white.

  27. pravin d lavana says:

    being professional persons we must support in his action to minimise black money and it is the duty of all indian citizen not give their hands to convert blackj money in to while

  28. Pinki Rani says:

    PM MODI bilkul shi h. Ve jo b fasla lete h bilkul shi lete h Hum unke sbhi faslo k sath h vo aam janta ki blayi k liye hi ye fasle lete h.Jo unka mjak udate h ve sbhi shaitan brstachari partiya h. Hme bhut dukh hota h jb ye gotalo se bri partiya unke khilaf bolti h. Etna acha PM na kbhi hua h or na hi kbhi hoga.MAY LIVE LONG PM NARENDRE MODI!

  29. Bipan says:

    I respect and endorse your post. I wish that every true Indian should be proud of our PM Narender Modi because his action itself speak of his spirit behind his decision.Virtually no Indian wants India to bleed, but some unscropulous people are falling prey to selfish people and indulge in other ways to fail healthy schemes.

  30. CA S S Rawat says:

    At least CA, CS and CMA fraternity should come in front to support the decision of NaMo.

  31. CA S S Rawat says:

    First Country then Profession
    Save Country save Profession
    I am with NaMo

  32. rosh says:


  33. Y.MURALIDHAR says:

    Yes, honestly we must support to our PM in to do this noble cause, then only we get fruit in the coming days.

  34. Raj says:

    Well the Menace of Black Money could fairly be blamed on Chartered Accountants. It is with the Help of some of these guys that businessmen get ways & means to avoid taxes.

  35. Venkata Rao Angara says:

    I’m with our most best PM Sri Modi in his endeavor for a cashless clean INDIA.

  36. Shubhangi Singh says:

    Narendra Modi rocks because his mom is a superwoman.

  37. ca manoj chaubey says:

    Agree with u. he has taken a noble step for the nation and for the people . we must stand with PM Mr Modi

  38. Venkataraman K says:

    To maintain the secrecy, it is not possible to involve all bureaucrats. It is also not to predict all possible methods the money launders will do.So, the inconvenience will be there.Had it been done some 10 years back, this much inconvenience would have not arisen. It is done now without delay. Certainly present PM had the guts. Kudos.

  39. S.SHANMUGAVELU says:

    yes i accept the same

  40. RAJAGOPAL says:

    I support PM even though I do not accept his party. But his effort will become waste if the official machinery itself is working against him. I deposited old 500,1000 in my account. For this also bank insisted form meant for exchange. I objected but to give to deposit. The same form is being collected from all who deposited in their account and exchanged. I bank may take this as old notes recd and exchanged the new notes. But this is not the fact. In many places certain people give new 2000 for old 500,1000 for commission and IT dept is after them. It is reported in media. The Govt has to investigate how these people got huge money?

  41. KiranKumar.R says:

    Don’t give unnecessary rewards to PM. Cast based reservations are most ugly thing than black money. If no one have dare to touch it. and then they have no right to talk about any corruptions

  42. Ashutosh Aggarwal says:

    Every right thinking person will agree to you, for sure, but unfortunately, a considerable part of our population don’t use logic. They just support or oppose for their petty gain or loss, and don’t mind on the wrong side.

  43. Mukesh Kumar Jain says:

    Great job done by Mr. Narendra Modi. This needs courage and patience. Our nation destiny in safe hands now.

  44. Rajagopal says:

    Very good article CA Sahil jolly we are with the PM and we can take this inconvenience in the interest of the nation.

  45. Meenakshi says:

    Dear PM,
    It is indeed a very bold move and I welcome your decision, inspite of the difficulties being faced. Please eradicate corruption from India.

    • joginder says:

      Today all opposition NETA log worried about common man. Most of them directly or indirectly allowed the previous UPA government to loot the wealth of people by -way of so many scams.

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