Both house of Parliament has approved LLP Amendment Bill, 2021. Finally, the same got approval of President of the India on 13th August 2021 and become LLP Amendment Act, 2021. This is Act no. 31 of 2021. This Amendment Act shall amend the LLP Act, 2008.

S.NO Section of The LLP Act, 2008 Section Name in LLP Act, 2008 Section wise Effect New Section Insertion
1 Section-1 Short title and commencement
2 Section-1 Short title and commencement Substituted
3 Section-2 Definitions Substituted
4 Section-7 Designated Partner Substituted
5 Section-10 Punishment for Contravention of Section -7,8 and 9 Figure 8 shall be omitted
6 Section-13 Registered office of LLP and change therein Substituted
7 Section-15 Name of LLP Substituted
8 section-17 Change of Name of LLP Substituted
9 Section-18 Application for direction to change name in certain circumstances omitted
10 Section-21 Publication of name and Limited Liability Substituted
11 Section-25 Registration of changes in partners Substituted
12 Section-30 Unlimited Liability in case of fraud Substituted
13 Section-34 Maintenance of books of accounts, other records and audit, etc. Substituted
14 Section-34 Maintenance of books of accounts, other records and audit, etc Inserted Section-34A
15 Section-35 Annual Return Substituted
16 Section-39 Compounding of offences Substituted
17 Section-60 Compromise, or arrangement of LLP Substituted
18 Section-62 Provisions for facilitating reconstruction or amalgamation of LLP Substituted
19 Section-67 Application of provision of Companies Act Inserted Section -67A, 67B and 67C
20 Section-68 Electronic Filling of documents Inserted Section-68A
21 Section-69 Payment of additional fee Substituted
22 Section-72 Jurisdiction of tribunal and appellate tribunal Substituted
23 Section-73 Penalty on non compliance of any order passed by tribunal omitted
24 Section-74 General Penalty Substituted
25 Section-76 Offences by LLP Inserted Section-76A
26 Section-77 Jurisdiction of Court Substituted
27 Section-79 Power to make rules Substituted
28 Section-80 Power to remove difficulties Inserted Section-80(1A)
29 Section-81 Transitional provisions omitted

Author – CS Divesh Goyal, GOYAL DIVESH & ASSOCIATES Company Secretary in Practice from Delhi and can be contacted at [email protected]).

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