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No. WSU/39(1)2017/Housing Scheme

Date: 21.04.2017

All Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioners (HQ/Zone)
All Regional Provident Fund Commissioners of Regional Offices.

Sub: Withdrawal from the provident fund to facilitate housing needs of workers ‑ Gazette Notification on amendment in EPF Scheme, 1952.


The copy of Gazette Notification No. G.S.R. 351(E) dated 12th April, 2017 on insertion of paragraph 68-BD in EPF Scheme, 1952 is enclosed for carrying out following actions immediately with full vigour:-

1. Give wide publicity to the above notification amongst employers and members of Provident Fund through media, e-mails, seminars, workshops etc. Awareness about the new provision should be created, especially through employers’ associations and workers’ unions so that eligible and willing members can avail withdrawal and loan repayment facilities.

2. In case of projects, member may apply for withdrawal, being a member of society having ten or more members and registered under any law and the society is desirous of purchasing dwelling houses/flats (including flats in a building owned jointly with others) or for construction of dwelling houses including the acquisition of a suitable site from the government or any Housing Agency under any Housing Scheme or any promoter/builder for the members. Member may apply individually/jointly through housing society in the format enclosed herewith (Annexure-I) to get a certificate from the commissioner specifying balance in his/their provident fund accounts alongwith monthly contributions during last 3 months preceding the month of receipt of such application. Certificate in enclosed format (Annexure-II) may be issued by the commissioner to the members/housing society as the case may be. Alternatively PF members may get print out of their passbook from the website of EPFO for submitting to the housing cooperative society/banks. It is directed that all employers and workers be facilitated for housing projects as per provisions of para 68-BD of EPF Scheme, 1952 but EPFO shall not recommend or be associated in the agreement with any particular builder/promoter/housing agency/housing society.

3. Members may not have repayment capacity to borrow requisite funds from banks/other prime lending housing finance companies etc. In addition to the lump sum withdrawal up to 90% of accumulations in provident fund accounts, members may opt for full/part repayment of loans out of monthly P.F. contributions also. For this purpose, banks/prime lending institutions may make use of the aforesaid certificate containing details of Provident Fund contributions received in members’ account during last three months for facilitation of loan processing to arrive at equated monthly installments for withdrawal under Para 68 BD(3).

4. Composite Claim Forms can be made use of by members for withdrawals for purposes under Para 68-BD as a member of cooperative society or society registered for housing purpose, and for authorization to Commissioner to repay monthly installments for repayment of loan to the Government or a Housing Agency or Primary Lending Agency or bank.

5. In addition to the composite claim form in clause (4) above, a letter of authorization cum undertaking signed by the member for repayment of monthly installment out of Provident Fund Account may also be obtained in enclosed format (Annexure-III).

6. Members whose annual income is less than the amount specified in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and do not own a house in the name of any family member anywhere in India, can avail of interest subsidy up to Rs. 2.20 lakhs in Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS). This subsidy is being disbursed by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), Government of India through its nodal agency HUDCO and National Housing Bank details of which are available on the website at www.mhupa.gov.in. For availing the subsidy, member may get loan from public/private sector banks, cooperative banks and housing finance companies details of which are available at web-links http://mhupa.gov.in/writereaddata/ews-lig-pli.pdf as well as http://mhupa.gov.in/writereaddata/mig-pli.pdf . HUDCO will facilitate implementation of the scheme jointly with EPFO through their various field offices. (Copy of MoU with HUDCO will be forwarded separately).

This issues with the approval of Central P.F. Commissioner.

Enclosures: As above


Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner (Enroll. & Housing)

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  1. Ankit Shah says:

    My question is regarding PF withdrawal taxability.

    I have left my previous organization in 2015,
    There I worked for 4 years, due to some reason I haven’t transferred my PF account to my current organization.

    Now I am planning to buy house & for that I am planning to withdraw my accumulate PF of the previous employer.

    Will I get exemption on PF withdrawal ?
    Please advise.

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