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E-form INC-20A (Declaration For Commencement Of Business) Is Required To Be Filed Pursuant To Pursuant To Section 10a(1)(A) Of The Companies Act, 2013 And Rule 23A Of The Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.

According To Section 10A Company Incorporated On Or After 02/11/2018, Shall Not Commence Its Business Or Exercise Any Borrowing Powers Unless A Declaration Is Filed By The Directors Within 180 Days From Date Of Incorporation Of Company In INC Form 20A  Every Subscriber To The Moa Has Paid The Value Of The Shares Agreed To Be Taken By Him On The Date Of Making Of Such Declaration”    Form Shall Be Verified By A Company Secretary Or A Chartered Accountant Or A Cost Accountant, In Practice:

  • It Is Mandatory To File INC-20A
  • Yes, It Is Mandatory To File Within The 180 Days From The Date Of Incorporation For Obtaining Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Who Can File INC-20A
  • All The Companies Incorporated On Or After 02//11/2018
  • And Having A Share Capital To File Form INC 20A
  • Due Date To File INC-20A
  • From The Date Of Incorporation Within 180 Days
  • Details Required For INC-20A
  • Subscriber Proof Of Payment Of Value Of Share
  • Attach The Bank Account Statement Of Company Having All Credit Entries For Receipt Of Subscription Money Received From All Subscribers To Moa.
  • Penalty For Non Filing Of INC-20A
  • Company Liable To Pay 50000/-
  • Every Officer In Default To Pay 1000/- Per Day Upto Maximum 100000/-
  • Consequence If INC-20A Not Filed
  • Registrar May Remove The Name From The Register Of Company
  • Company Can Not Start The Business

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