On 26th Jan 2018 a new web based service RUN (Reserve Unique Name) has been introduced by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Through this service you can directly submit the application for reserving name online within few minutes.

On the basis of various queries raised by our clients, we have summarized it in FAQ.

Q1. Whether a person to get registered for applying name through RUN? 

Ans. Yes, a person who desire to reserve name, have to first register himself at MCA portal. If he is already been registered not require to register again.

Q2. Whether name registered through RUN shall be registered forever or for a particular period?

Ans. In case of name reserved for new company, the name reserved through RUN shall be valid for 20 DAYS from the day of approval and 60 DAYS from the date of approval in case of change of name of existing company.

Q3. How many names can be given of the proposed company?

Ans. Using RUN service you can give only one name which must be unique and you form will be either approved or rejected by Central Registration Center (CRC) and now on wards you will not get re-submission (RSUB).

Q4. What is the fee for submitting application for name reservation?

Ans. Fee is Rs. 1000 and there is no change in fee. 

Q5. Is there any requirement of DSC of applicant for submitting the application for name reservation?

Ans. No requirement of DSC but you will be able to apply for name reservation only after login and there is also one restriction that SPICe form, INC-12 and INC-24 will be uploaded using same ID.

Q6. What are the information which need to be submitted for applying name reservation

Ans. Following information is required to be submitted while submitted application for name reservation using ‘RUN’.

(1). First filed in web based form is ‘Enity type’ from drop down menu you can select relevant option for the proposed company

(2). Second field is CIN to be filled in case of change of name of existing company (Not applicable for New Company Registration).

(3). Third field is for entering name of the proposed company which must be unique.

(4). Last field is ‘Comment’ where you have to give proposed object of the company in short.

(5). then there is attachment button after comment field where you can upload attachments like NOC, if any (where your name is similar with trademark (application pending/ registered) etc.

(6). Then after successful submission SRN will be generated and you have to make payment of Rs. 1000/- and your application will be taken into consideration only after making payment of Rs. 1000/-.

Q7. Is there any requirement to give details of minimum numbers (as required by law) of proposed director(s) while submitting application for name reservation?

Ans. In RUN process there is no requirement of providing numbers and details of proposed directors.

By using RUN you need not to obtain DIN of the proposed director and DIN of proposed directors (not having DIN) shall be allotted only though SPICe (Maximum 3 DINs) form which will bring cost reduction in getting a company incorporated.

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  1. Vimal Gupta says:

    In case name is rejected by the MCA then how many chances will be given to reserve another name using RUN facility ? and whether every time we have to pay Rs. 1000 ?

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