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Whether students, working, parents or retirees – we all learn something new every day. It can either be how to play the guitar, or how to find the square root of a number, a new language, or how to talk in front of an audience without losing your confidence. Our brain is constantly evolving with new information.

No doubt learning a new skill can be frustrating and time-consuming, but what if science could help speed up the process?

There are numerous ways to train your brain to remember things faster and optimize learning.

1. Exercise to clear your mind:

Exercise is good for our bodies, but also our brains. Exercise can improve learning and memory. So if you’re having trouble writing or can’t handle this difficult math problem, try skipping it or doing a short practice session.

A 2013 study found that exercise had direct benefits on cognition in younger and older people – after a simple 15-minute workout, study participants showed improvements in memory and cognitive processing.

2. Keep writing what you need to remember:

It may seem like more work to keep recording the same thing over and over, but this simple activity can do wonders to steal your memory. Research has shown that listing facts or problems improves your ability to remember them rather than trying to learn them by rereading them passively.

Additionally, another study found that taking lecture notes by hand instead of typing them on a computer helped students better remember what the lesson was about.

3. Do yoga:

Yoga is one of the great ways to boost brain power, which is involved in muscle control and sensory perception such as language, memory, decision making, and vision.

Research shows that people who practice yoga have fewer cognitive disabilities. Surprisingly, another 2012 study found that just 20 minutes of yoga improved study participants’ brain function, making them perform better on brain function tests for speed and accuracy.

4. Study or exercise in the afternoon:

Even if you call yourself “morning” or “evening,” at least one study shows that sitting and concentrating on a task in the afternoon has a better effect on long-term memory training than the rest of the day.

5. Combine the new with the familiar:

According to Loma Linda University School of Medicine, a great brain-based technique for memory retention is to make a perfect blend of new information with what you already know.

6. Stay away from multitasking:

In our technology-driven world, we often aimlessly reach for our smartphones to reply to texts or check social media feeds while working on other tasks. In some situations, multitasking ability might be helpful, but when it comes to learning a new skill or remembering information, it is highly recommended to aim at one thing at a time.

7. Teach others what you have learned:

According to Loma Linda University, sharing new skills or knowledge is an effective way to further amplify new information in your brain. The translating information process into your own words helps your brain understand it better, and there are various innovative ways to decipher something and teach it to others. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Whether you are learning to memorize speeches, learning a new language, or passing an exam tomorrow, our memories serve us in almost every area of ​​our lives. Once you learn how to memorize information faster and more efficiently, you will encounter a group of people who are still having a hard time memorizing and retrieving the information you need. Get Started Today!


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