Have you ever heard that Professional examinations are very difficult to crack or it is not everyone’s cup of tea? You are on the right page then. Read till the end to know the truth.

Let me just remind you of days when you used to study just a day before examinations in school or college and perform excel in it, or fair enough to pass. How was it possible? How come 12 hours per day study for 2-3 months won’t allow candidates to pass a single group in professional examination but just a day before examination study  helps the same candidate getting fair marks? Obviously, keeping aside the vast syllabus and checking of papers, rest is same.

Here’s a “Secret” you hold with regards studying, which even you are not aware of and therefore you are struggling to ace or pass an examination especially the Professional examinations. Below explanation will unfold your secret :

Let me tell you a story. There were two brothers living in a Village. The youngest one was six years-old and the other one was thirteen-years old. While playing, they came far from the village and went to jungle. In the jungle they saw a deep empty well, getting excited they try to play near it. While playing and having fun, the twelve year old boy fell down in that deep empty well and the two boys started screaming, asking for help. But it was far away from the village hence no one was nearby. The six years-old boy started finding solutions, he was the only one there to save his brother. He saw a rope nearby, he throwed that rope to his brother and started pulling him up with full his strength. He pushed himself harder, he cried, he tried hard , he did everything and  in the end he managed to bring his brother back. When they went back to village, they told this instance to the villagers, no one believed them. The villagers were in the opinion that the boys are lying because  how come a six years-old boy managed to pull a thirteen-years old boy. Hence, the villagers went to the smartest and oldest wisest man in that village and asked his opinion. The wise man told the villagers that the boys are saying truth. He further said that the six-year old boy managed to do it because “there was no one around him to say him that he can’t do it”.

Similarly, We hear from everyone around us that Professional exams are hard to crack, only 1% candidates pass this examination or you need to work very hard for this, etc. and hence our mind starts to accept these things. Even if you were a capable student, you will fall into this trap because now your mind is going to react basis on these false assumptions which you have considered true.

Only those candidates pass these examinations in first attempt, whose belief in himself/herself was so strong that these beliefs which are created by other individuals didn’t hinder his/her mind-process. So, now onwards ,  if you hear from someone that Professional exams are hard to crack, you need to do a lot of sacrifices, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea or stuff like that, don’t let that sink into your mind. Be brave enough to start your own journey with a clear mind. This is your secret. “YOUR BELIEFS”.

When you use to study just a day before examination, you believed yourself that it is easy for you and you will crack it irrespective of other people’s opinion. You tried hard. You did everything you can do it in that one day. But as soon as you enroll for Professional examination courses, you started believing the wrong things. You didn’t even tried hard because you started thinking that the concepts are anyhow hard, why to try or  I am anyhow going to fail, why to study, etc. I am not saying you to start studying just a day before your professional examinations as well. I am just reminding you of the mind game, the actual mind power.

You are capable. You are more than you think and You can do it.  You just have to try 🙂

Best of Luck.


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