Yes. You read it right. It is actually super easy. It is surely the opposite of what you hear all the time about professional examinations  like : “it is tough”, “you have to study 12-15 hours” “you have to sacrifice enjoyments” and the funniest one, “you have to cut-off social media”.

Let me just introduce myself so that you understand that you can trust my words. I have cleared my CS examinations in first attempt with All India Rank in all the three stages and I am currently working with Tata Capital Limited.

So, my friends, I want you all to get aware about this, because it’s high time. Studying is not tough, Professional examinations is not tough, your mind makes it tough, because of all the beliefs in your mind with respect to this. So let’s break these beliefs one by one in the following steps/Hacks, are you ready to break it ? :

♦ Undo all your negative thoughts about Professional Examinations 

If you are someone who is new to this professional field, i.e. you have just completed your SYJC, you might be naive. So, I want you to take a pen and a paper and write all the negatives you have heard about professional examinations, or if not then just think about all the negatives. Now, take that paper and burn it or wrap it or tear it since all those are false. Your mind needs a fresh start into this, pour new information about these examinations such as it is easy if I am disciplined, I will get alot to learn here or I would gain experience, or I must focus on studying rather than on results, etc.

♦ Select an appropriate Classes 

As per me, everyone of us need a mentor. It is must. A mentor on whom we can blindly trust. So, it is of utmost important that you take this step wisely, because this is the starting step in the journey. A good classes will uplift you, enhance you, and on the other side an average class will only bring your knowledge down or give you false learnings. While selecting classes, check the educational background of the faculties and attend the demo lectures, this will help you in selection.

♦ Adhere to the routine

Times will come, when you will think to quit it. But trust me, you just have to blindly follow the routine, you just have to stick to the routine. You will get fed up by attending 8-9 hours of classes daily, but that is when you are under process of becoming a professional. You might have heard it, “To become a diamond, you have to go through pressure”.  We all have a belief that there should be something new all the time, but break this belief because a routine, a habit will lead to your goal.

♦ Be consistent

Even a 1st runner up can lose the next competition if he skips his routine of practicing. The power of consistency is beyond imagination. All that is required in the professional examinations is consistency. Consistent to studying. You have to study daily irrespective of your events, functions, surroundings. That is when you brain will develop a habit of learning regularly.

Last, but not the very least, be discipline to yourself.  80% of students will leave this course, because they were least interested in the course or they couldn’t make it.  You can prevent yourself from being there provided you know from the very beginning that it’s a game. A mental challenge where you have to just keep walking. If you don’t leave the ground, you can make it. I have done it, so can you!

Best of Luck.

Feel free to share your views through comments or mails. Any feedback of yours is appreciated.

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