A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 16, November 16, 2010
All Category – I Authorised Dealer Banks
Madam / Sir,
Reporting Mechanism – Data of Authorised Dealer Category-I Branches
Attention of Authorised Dealer Category – I (AD Category – I) banks is invited to the A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 54 dated May 08, 2007.
2. In terms of the extant guidelines, all AD Category – I banks are required to inform any changes in the categorisation of their branches dealing in foreign exchange to:
The Director,
Reserve Bank of India,
Central Office,
Department of Statistics and Information Management
Banking Statistics Division,
C-9,6th Floor, Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (E), Mumbai 400 051.
The above information should be prepared in Proforma I or II, as specified in RBI circulars DBOD No. BL.BC.92/22.06.001/2004-05 dated May 20, 2005 and DBOD No. BL.BC.55/22.01.001/2005-06 dated January 23, 2006, and a soft copy should be e-mailed. Further, for maintaining the data compatibility, information in Proforma I and II should be prepared using RBIMOF Application package. The RBIMOF Application Software package (RBIMOF.exe) is available on the Reserve Bank’s website (www.rbi.org.in).
3. Further, the path to access the directory of the scheduled commercial banks given in Annex-I of the above mentioned circular is changed and therefore, the revised access path to generate the report on the Directory of AD Category branches is given in the Annex-II. The path to access the Application Software package is given in Annex I. In case of any assistance / clarification, AD banks may communicate by e-mail.
4. All the other instructions contained in A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 54 dated May 08, 2007 shall remain unchanged.
5. The directions contained in this Circular have been issued under sections 10(4) and 11(1) of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (42 of 1999) and is without prejudice to permissions/approvals, if any, required under any other law.
Yours faithfully,
(G. Jaganmohan Rao)
Chief General Manager
[Annex-I to A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.16
dated November 16, 2010]
Path to access the RBIMOF Application Software Package (RBIMOF.exe)
The Application Software package viz. RBIMOF.exe is available on the RBI website (www.rbi.org.in) under Home Page? Notification? FEMA ? Electronic Reporting System? Reporting Mechanism ? Data of Authorised Dealers Category Branches.
[Annex-II to A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.16
dated November 16, 2010]
Path to access the information on the category-wise branches of AD Category-I banks (Directory of the Scheduled Commercial Banks)
i) The website address is http://dbie.rbi.org.in/
ii) After logging on the website, either select the tab ‘Data Series’ or click on the link “To view Data Series – click here”.
iii) In order to select the following options, Double click on the same.
Select the option ‘Corporate Categories’ ? Reports ? By subject ? Financial sector ? Money and Banking ? Banking. Double click on the report titled “Directory of AD Category Branches”.
Select the required Bank name from the list and click on the ‘>’ box.
The name of the bank should appear on the right hand panel. Now, click on the button “Run Query”.
The list of the AD Category branches pertaining to that particular bank will get generated. Use the navigation keys to go to the next page. In case the file is to be saved, then click on the tab “Document” ? Save report to my computer. The report can be saved either in PDF or in Excel format.
iv) The report can also be seen by selecting the tab ‘Data Series’ then the tab ‘Corporate Categories’?By Frequency ? Daily ? Financial sector ? Banking. Click on the report titled as “Directory of AD Category Branches”. Then follow the procedure mentioned in para iii above.
v) The report can also be seen under the tab ‘Corporate Categories’ ? ’For Banks’ Use’. Click on the report titled as “Directory of AD Category Branches”. Then follow the procedure mentioned in para iii above.

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