Date : 15 Jun 2011

As a follow up of the implementation of the recommendations of the Working Group on Balance of Payments Manual for India (Chairman: Shri Deepak Mohanty), provisional aggregate data on trade in services have been compiled for the first time for the month of April 2011 based on the data reported by the Authorised Dealers (ADs) under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Electronic Reporting System (FETERS) (Table).

Table: International Trade in Services
(US$ million)
Month Receipts (Exports) Payments (Imports)
April 2011 11,469 6,889
Note: Data are provisional.

Note: Data are provisional.

Henceforth, the aggregate data on trade in services will be released on a monthly basis after a gap of about 45 days. These provisional data will undergo revision when the Balance of Payments (BoP) data are compiled on a quarterly basis which will be released with a lag of a quarter. The quarterly release will also provide disaggregated data on trade in services.

Ajit Prasad
Assistant General Manager

Press Release : 2010-2011/1819

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