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Circular No.: NSDL/TIN/12017/001

January 10, 2017

Subject: New design of PAN card

All TEN-FCs & PAN Centres are hereby informed that the Income Tax Department (ETD) has prescribed certain changes in the existing design of the PAN Card. Accordingly, with effect from January 1, 2017, PAN cards are being printed as per the new design specifications approved by ITD.

Specimen of the PAN card as per new design is as under:

New pancard design

New features:

(i) Quick Response (QR) code having details of the PAN applicant is printed on PAN card for enabling verification of the PAN Card;

(ii) Legends have been incorporated for particulars Name, father’s, and date of birth fields. Position of PAN & signature has been changed.

(iii) Position of PAN & signature has been changed.

All TIN-FCs and PAN Centres are advised to take note of the above and advise applicants in the events of queries received from the applicants.

For and on behalf of

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure limited

Mantu Prasad

Senior Manager

Digitally signed by PRASAD MANTU

Date: 2017.01.10 16:02 :46. IST

Encl.: a/a

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  1. harish j says:

    I have applied correction father name in pan it is my name as jayaraj harish and in rest of documents like aadhar ,bank account etc is Harish j is there need to correct again in pan card

  2. venkat says:

    My pan card has name as first name and third name . but aadhaar card contains initials of ffirst aname and third name in full. now what to do. I do not want to change the name in aadhaar card becuse bank name, LPG name etc are in initialized name

  3. CA Sridhar Bhadramraju says:

    PAN Card represents Unique Number. Card is not important whether it is in old format or in different color. No need to apply for a new one. All the old cards including White Colored PAN Cards are still Valid. So, no Cut of date for new card etc..

    Also, if any one is voluntarily seeking for new format of PAN card, can apply for the same.

  4. Nilesh Sonawane says:

    Now Aadhar is Mandatory to obtaining the PAN & Filing of Income tax Return therefore i Suggest that AADHAR No. also be appeared on PAN

  5. Shaik Saleem says:


    I have an old PAN Card which has applied in 2010 so. plz..give me suggest i need to update my current PAN Status. for New PAN Card..?

  6. MOHAN KQLE says:

    Why coloured PAN CARD is required?Photocopying is difficult.The PANcard plastic cover alwayws peels off.Old black&white PANcard with plastic sealed wrapping was nice ,durable & easy for photocopying.

  7. rugram says:

    There are people who don’t use their surname in the normal course, nor have a surname, many among them being prominent politicians. Many don’t add their father’s name, some have their father’s name as the first name or as the second name, particularly among some south Indians. We also have people who have four different words that together constitute their full names. There is thus no uniformity in describing one’s name in the country.
    It is therefore necessary for the Govt. to make a provision for writing one’s name in three (or at most four) blocks, the way one wishes to record his name, such as First Name, Second Name and Third Name (may be a Fourth Name), without specifying a description such as Father’s Name (or Mother’s Name) and Surname. This uniform system should be adopted by all Govt. Depts. such as I-T, Passport, Aadhar, and other institutions to avoid confusion and problems in future, particularly while linking the Aadhar Card with other documents. It is high time the Govt. passed a rule to this effect for the sake of uniformity.


    (i) Whether it is mandatory to get new-format cards for those who have Old laminated cards of 1999 in good condition?

    (ii) If Govt of India makes it mandatory to change, it should be free of cost.

  9. Pankaj Mangilal Oswal says:

    Plesae also incorporate address as we have submit two document as for address proof and date of birth. But if address is also mentioned in pan card , then only pan card will serve the purpose for both ie. date of birth and address proof

  10. Basheer says:


    Whether it is required to update old PAN ?
    if am updating the old PAN, How Much charge i suppose to pay ?

    News Not giving clarity for these things…
    Please Reply ASAP

  11. Ram S. says:

    News should have clarity. Secondly every one should be more particular that their current address if there is a change should file a correction form with proof of current address so it get corrected in the ITD data base. In all circumstances the PAN once allotted will remain the same. Just don’t look at the card, but see what are provided by you when obtaining the PAN CARD. If by chance TDS deducted then certificate will show the address as in the data base.

  12. O.P.Saxena says:

    Adhar Card and Adhar Card +Passport holders should not be insisted for any other ld Cards. PAN number and any other additional particulars that may be required elsewhere for identification should be incorporated in the Adhar Card itself.


    I am having PAN card of year around 1999 and it is in the old laminated form. In order to have latest photograph on PAN card so that it serves real purpose of ID, should the old PAN card be replaced ?

  14. Palaniappan Sankaran Pillai says:

    Kindly clarify the quantum of Transport Allowance exempted for Income Tax for who are drawing TA Rs. 800 + DA for TA Rs.1000/- amounting to the total amount of Rs.1800/- per month. Some of the DDOs are allowing only the Basic of TA Rs.800/- and not allowing DA on TA.

  15. Bhavesh Vyas says:

    Whether Old PAN Card has to be replaced with NEW one OR same will be used. Simply put this as whether OLD PAN Card has been demolished.

  16. Nilesh Sonawne says:

    If Aadhar card is valuable then what is importance of PAN Card ?????

    Why to Card should be carry ???
    UNIQ card for each and every Citizan shall be introduce i,e. Aaddhar***

  17. Haramohan Patnaik says:

    I suppose there is no necessity for existing PAN card holders to replace their cards with new ones unless there is a loss of PAN card?

  18. RANGA says:

    Mr. Mayank Baxi:

    U can file PAN Correction Form with NSDL/TIN Facilitation Centres. They will issue new PAN Card without changing ur PA Number (PAN).

  19. padmanabhan v says:

    ii includes what appeared in iii.
    Thank you
    New features:

    (i) Quick Response (QR) code having details of the PAN applicant is printed on PAN card for enabling verification of the PAN Card;

    (ii) Legends have been incorporated for particulars Name, father’s, and date of birth fields. Position of PAN & signature has been changed.

    (iii) Position of PAN & signature has been changed.
    – See more at:

  20. Narendra K Agarwal says:

    If one requires that the name of the holder should appear in a particular way say by way of initial for first name and second name then whether that would be possible in the new format and design?

  21. Ajay Kumar De says:

    It is ridiculous also for a senior citizen and an asseessee till date having his PAN Card since time it was introduced and provided free of cost that in case of ‘only’ address in his PAN data base though never appearing on the card and not requiring issue oof ‘duplicate’ one IS FORCED TO PAY as if it is a case of loss of PAN Card and issue of duplicate one.

  22. Bankim Master says:

    If I understand correctly, government has already accepted that in passport applications, father’s name is not mandatory. Then why in PAN card it is being insisted upon?

  23. Soma Visal says:

    Old PAN cards are also usable after this cut off date? Or should the holders surrender the o9ld ones and get fresh ones? News lacks clarity.

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