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Circular No.: NSDL/TIN/12017/001

January 10, 2017

Subject: New design of PAN card

All TEN-FCs & PAN Centres are hereby informed that the Income Tax Department (ETD) has prescribed certain changes in the existing design of the PAN Card. Accordingly, with effect from January 1, 2017, PAN cards are being printed as per the new design specifications approved by ITD.

Specimen of the PAN card as per new design is as under:

New pancard design

New features:

(i) Quick Response (QR) code having details of the PAN applicant is printed on PAN card for enabling verification of the PAN Card;

(ii) Legends have been incorporated for particulars Name, father’s, and date of birth fields. Position of PAN & signature has been changed.

(iii) Position of PAN & signature has been changed.

All TIN-FCs and PAN Centres are advised to take note of the above and advise applicants in the events of queries received from the applicants.

For and on behalf of

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure limited

Mantu Prasad

Senior Manager

Digitally signed by PRASAD MANTU

Date: 2017.01.10 16:02 :46. IST

Encl.: a/a

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52 responses to “New design of PAN card with effect from January 1, 2017”

  1. harish j says:

    I have applied correction father name in pan card.now it is my name as jayaraj harish and in rest of documents like aadhar ,bank account etc is Harish j is there need to correct again in pan card

  2. Yaduvir singh says:

    Name change the PAN card please sir change my name

  3. AJAY KUMAR says:


  4. suganyaa says:

    My aadhar name suganyaa rajarajan but my pan card have name as “Rajarajan suganyaa” .is it correc or not?

  5. CA. S.C.Podder says:

    No need to Panic , old designed valid PAN cards are valid .

  6. venkat says:

    My pan card has name as first name and third name . but aadhaar card contains initials of ffirst aname and third name in full. now what to do. I do not want to change the name in aadhaar card becuse bank name, LPG name etc are in initialized name


      Full name of the person/ father’s name and date of birth adhar should exact match PAN.

      If not kindly get it corrected

  7. CA Sridhar Bhadramraju says:

    PAN Card represents Unique Number. Card is not important whether it is in old format or in different color. No need to apply for a new one. All the old cards including White Colored PAN Cards are still Valid. So, no Cut of date for new card etc..

    Also, if any one is voluntarily seeking for new format of PAN card, can apply for the same.

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