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Dated: 19th Nov 2018

Sub:- GSTN & GST Information System- Guidelines for troubleshooting – help desk at the Districts and State Head Quarters- reg:-

Kerala State has decided to develop the back end modules for the GST at their end. The development of the state GST backend software was entrusted with National Informatics Centre, Govt of India with the support of development team. The software is known as Kerala GST Information System. The state back end software is being developed based on the APIs released by Goods and Services tax network. So far we have developed Registration, Returns, Payment and ledger modules, Enforcement module etc. Most of the modules in production are running steadily without any major issues but certainly with few exceptions. We have also developed MIS for the use of officers.

The software development is a dynamic process. Kerala GST Information System will be developed based on the field requirements with the specific objective of improving GST administration in the State.

At the time of roll out of GST, the State has put in place an efficient mechanism of dealing with any quarries by having well trained manpower at the GST Facilitation Centers at the district and state headquarters. Subsequently at the time of roll out of eWay bill, help desks were constituted and embedded in GST facilitation Center. At Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode these GFCs have been further modernized and developed as Tax corner for doing awareness generation, quarry handling from dealers, tax practitioners and people.

The department has been taking all efforts to build capacities of officers with respect to Laws and also regarding GST Information System. However, it is felt that the officers face some difficulties.

The difficulties with respect to GSTN system faced by the Dealers and Practitioner is getting handled in a well streamline way. The mechanism set in by GSTN is to get the complaint registered and all these complaints are monitored by the IT Committee on fortnightly basis. Some few complaints directly reported to the State head quarters are also taken up with GSTN for mitigation.

Similarly the officers face some difficulties at the time of operating GST Information System, for mitigation of the same, it is felt that a similar mechanism as is set for GST through GST Facilitation Center to be put in place.

At present the officers are resorting to ad-hoc way of doing troubleshooting. In the above circumstances, the following orders are issued to streamline the grievance addressing mechanism with respect to GSTN and GST Information System of the department.

Order no 41/2018/GST Info System /CCT dt 19th Nov 2018

1. It is hereby ordered that the officers of GFC, System Administrators and other officers who have undergone State level GST Information System Training shall be the part of the unit dealing with GSTN and GST information system related issues at the district level.

2. This unit will get the grievances from dealers, tax practitioners and officers.

3. At the State level GST info system unit shall handle the grievances with respect to GSTN and GST information system which are referred by the district team and also directly received.


4. The issues related to GSTN to be handled as per the protocol developed by GSTN. The dealer can raise the grievance and the ticket is generated. The grievance is followed up and sorted out.

5. Similarly, if dealers / tax practitioners are continuously facing issues in spite of taking it with GSTN online, they may report the grievance by taking screen shots and from the district unit the grievance may be raised to the State level unit.

6. From District unit or the State unit the grievances follow up and mitigation information shall be communicated back to the concerned.

7. Application submitted before the field officers has to verified by them to ensure that there is a demonstrable glitch on the Common Portal, due to which the process as envisaged in law could not be completed.

8. Further, officers have to ensure that Such application shall be accompanied by evidences (Screenshots) as may be needed for an identified issue to establish bonafide attempt on the part of the taxpayer have been made to comply the procedures as laid down in the law.

9. After verifying its electronic records and the application received, identify the issues involved in consultation with team constituted for this purpose. If the issue affects large section of tax payers, the case should be taken up with the concerned DCs. The DC on confirmation shall forward the case to the HQ with recommendation to take up the issue with the IT Grievance Redressal Committee through the nodal officer.

10. If the issue seems to be an individual one which is confined to a particular taxpayer alone after following the above-mentioned procedures, it shall be forwarded to the HQ with recommendation by the DC to take up the issue in the next IT committee.

11. Technical issues faced by the Officers are first reported to the System Administrators of the respective district and then to the GFC. Only those issues which cannot be solved at these level need to be elevated to HQ through the team. Such requests shall be accompanied by relevant ARN, GSTIN and screenshots and other relevant documents.

All such issues are required to be submitted to the mail


12. It may be noted that development team for Kerala GST Information System shall not attend directly to any quarry calls. All are instructed to raise the issues with the respective district teams and state team.

13. Dy Commissioners shall ensure that the field officers are first getting their quarries sorted out through the team at GFC and if the issue is unresolved then escalate to the officers mentioned below.

14.Technical issues with regard to GST Information System faced by the officers of the Assessment / Enforcement wing which requires immediate solution shall be informed to the GFC.

If they are not able to solve the technical issues, the information may be given on the following phone calls only.

Sunil Kumar V 9497638696
Jeen John 9895804947

Contact details of the technical team constituted at district level shall be informed to all Officers in the district.

All issues with respect to GST information system are required to be submitted to the mail 

PrI Secretary & Commissioner


Addl Commissioner

All Joint Commissioners & Dy Commissioner Int Audit All Deputy Commissioners of districts and Intelligence OSD GST Info System

GST Cell/ Stock file

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