Procedure for Claiming Unclaimed Dividend/Shares from Investor Education Protection Fund (IEPF) and Steps to be Followed by Company to Process the Claim


1. Claimant to register themselves online on this weblink

2. Claimant to login and fill web based IEPF – 5 form. Weblink

3. The Claimant can refer to the Instructions kit by downloading the same from weblink filing on the online IEPF – 5 form

4. Upon submission, Form No. IEPF-5 shall be transmitted online to the Nodal Officer of the company for verification of claim:

Provided that the claimant after making an application in Form No. IEPF-5 under sub rule 1, shall send physical set of following documentation to the Nodal Officer of the Company for verification:

1. Print out of duly filled claim form with claimant signature and if joint holders are involved than the Form should be signed by all the joint holders along with annexures submitted with form

2. Copy of acknowledgement generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5.

3. Indemnity Bond and Advance receipt (original) auto generated after uploading the claim Form IEPF 5 with signature of claimant and witness and after affixing requisite stamp and advance receipt.

In case of refund of dividend amount of Rs. 10,000 or more and/or market value of shares, non- judicial stamp paper of appropriate value as prescribed under Stamp Act according to state is required. For claim of only amount of Rs. 10,000 or less, indemnity bond can be executed on a plain paper

4. In case of refund of matured deposit or debenture or bond or where shares (in physical form) are claimed, original certificate/shares thereto.

5. Original Cancelled Cheque leaf, Self-attested copy of Client Master List.

6. In case any Joint holder is deceased, Copy of Death certificate to be attached.

7. Self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card, Copy of Passport, OCI and PIO card in case of foreigners and NRI duly apostilized.

  • In case of Indian Citizen – to prove the identity of the claimant self-certified copy of Pan Card and Aadhar Card are required to be submitted.

In case of non-availability of Aadhar Card for super senior citizens or some specific states, other ID Proofs issued by government clearly mentioning the address of the claimant needs to be submitted.

  • In case of NRI – to prove the identity of the claimant, self-attested copy of Passport or self-attested copy of Overseas Indian Card (OIC) issued by MHA along with any of the documents available with him.
  • In case of foreigners, instead of Aadhar Card, copy of Passport or PIO Card duly apostatized as per Hague Convention.

8. In cases of transmission, loss of original shares, mismatch in name and address etc., relevant documents as mentioned in Schedule II, III and IV respectively

9. All the documents which are required to be attached in the online IEPF -5 form needs to be provided in original in physical to the nodal officer of the company apart from the above.

10. Any other document relevant to prove entitlement of the claimant.

The system generated Indemnity bond, Advance Receipt, Acknowledgement of IEPF-5 and pdf version of the IEPF-5 web form submitted can be downloaded by the Claimant from

‘Track IEPF-5 SRN’ Service available on MCA website


1. The nodal officer of the company shall be intimated through email notification as soon as the web-form IEPF -5 is filed by the claimant.

2. On receipt of the original documents from claimant, the company shall be required to authenticate the same with the scanned copy attached with the claim form.

3. The company shall also be required to attach scanned copy of such authenticated documents with its e-verification report. The Company e-vertification report can be downloaded from the weblink

4. In cases covered under rule 7(8) and 7(9), the company shall also be required to issue entitlement letter under rule 7(9) of IEPF Rules in favour of claimant and send a scanned copy of it with its e-verification report.

5. The nodal officer or the deputy nodal officer of the company can file everification report in the e-form available for same on website through their MCA 21 account. The e-form shall be authenticated through DSC of the concerned nodal or deputy nodal officer.

6. The company shall be required to e-verify the claim as soon as it receives original documents from the claimant but not later than 30 days from the filing of claim failing which it shall be liable to pay an additional fee of Rs 50 per day up to a maximum of Rs 2500.

7. The company can reject such claims due to non-receipt of original documents from the claimant.

8. Fresh e-verification report shall be filed for resubmission cases. In cases, authority requires additional documents from company only, it shall intimate the same for fresh e-verification report without any resubmission on part of the claimant.

9. The new process shall not require any submission of physical documents to the Authority. It shall be online monitorable process with fixed timelines for all stakeholders.

10. The authority shall process and intimate approval, rejection, resubmission or discrepancies in FIFO order within a period not exceeding 60 days from receipt of verification report.

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  1. Satish Maliga says:

    If anyone need help from Hyderabad Telangana state to get back shares and unclaimed dividend from IEPF, duplicate share certificates, transmission of shares and obtain a Succession Certificate from the court. Any issues call to whatsapp no 9959895156

  2. mitul chopra says:

    i have 36 reliance share in physical form and already goes in to iepf, now market value of shares is around 65000-70000 for Indemnity bond which amount of stamp required ?????

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