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When we talk about 100 days, it seems like a lot of time for fun, world tours, wedding preparations, but at the same time, it is a lot less when it comes to CS exams. Many people have the same question today, are 100 days enough to pass the CS exam?

So, guys, I agree that 100 days is a short amount of time to complete such a broad curriculum, but it is not impossible if you start preparing right away using the following tips:-

Positive Attitude – This is one of the most important characteristics of exams like CS. You can build your CS success on trust and positivity. You don’t have to be a super genius to pass CS; only hard work counts.

Tips to Study for CS Executive in 100 Days

Focus – At this point, you need to focus. Just focus on your workout and set your friends and social media aside for a few days. I’m not against these things but think about where you stand after passing the CS exam, and believe me, and the focus is the only thing that will help you reach your current heights.

Planning – The best strategy is to sit down and make a daily plan for your workout, and the most important thing is to execute a plan because anyone can make a big plan, but executing that plan will set you apart from everyone else in this CS – Travel.

Study the Difficult Chapters First – While you need to study every topic and concept, study the difficult chapters first to build your confidence and finally, if you have a little time at this point, it will not be a busy study for you, simple chapters.

Hard Work – Remember that there is no substitute for hard work, which is the only key to success. Never run away from hard work. It will pay off, and self-study is the most important part of the exam and doing it regularly will help you achieve your goals.

Strategy – Although strategy can be incorporated into implementing a plan, I prefer to discuss it separately here. When doing strategic analysis, you cannot do financial analysis without knowing the laws of the company. Accounting and taxes are closely related.

Consistency – Consistency is very important for better understanding and better execution of plans. Even if you work hard, plan everything and only do it for two days and then forget everything, it’s a waste of time. Therefore, maintaining consistency is the most important consideration for every CS student.


So guys, here are some tips to help you reach your goal in CS in just 100 days. We at Book My Lectures are always there to help you with any difficulties, and we always make sure that no student is unheard of. We offer online lectures for CS Executive because we are one of the leading digital training platforms for CS, CA and CMA. Contact us today.


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