Yesterday we reported an error in an result declared by ICAI of a student in which she was shown pass despite scoring less then 50%.   ICAI has accepted the mistake and issued the following press release :-

IPCE Result of Roll No 310853. – (09-08-2012)

No. Secretary-ICAI/Exam/May-12     , Dated-  August 9, 2012


The result of Group-II, Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPCE) held in May 2012 of Ms. Divya Vasudeva (Roll No.310853) which was hosted on the Institute’s website on August 7, 2012 showed her as passed in that group with a total of 133 marks which was an error. The factual position of the candidate has been that she is a both groups candidate securing the following marks in the said examination:

Paper 1 65
Paper 2 58
Paper 3 52
Paper 4 55
Total of Group 1 230
Paper 5 44
Paper 6 49
Paper 7 40
Total of Group 2 133
Total: 363

Accordingly, her rectified result is – Both Groups passed under CA Regulations, 1988

While deeply regretting the inadvertent error of not including her Group I marks, it is mentioned that because of the programmic complexities, her earlier result in the website could not be modified and, therefore, has since been disabled.

Secretary, ICAI


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  1. PS says:

    When She has appeared for both the Groups, and she has scored more than 40% marks in both the groups and in first group she has scored more than required marks which can be adjusted as set off in another group short fall if student has scored more than 40% and less than 50% but over all in both the groups scored more than 50%, the student gets benefit of set off. Accordingly, by this Rule of Set off she should be declared passed if she has scored in one group more than 55% and she has scored less than 50% in another group but has scored more than 40%, in Toto both the groups if she has scored 50% and more. Very Sad, if she is declared as failed in a group where she has scored 133 marks.Students really work very very hard to pass such professional exams. Thanks and Regards

  2. Deepak Maroo says:

    earlier she was declared as passed, now also as per CA regulations, she is passed in both groups. then what is the error… little confusing.

  3. m-murali says:

    She has secured 133 which is less that 50%. But the press release rectifying an earlier error declaring her as passed in both groups, states that “Accordingly, her rectified result is – Both Groups passed under CA Regulations, 1988” . PITY!!

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