Result for IPCC November 2017 has been announced on 28 January 2018, Many of the students became the CA Finalist and reached the last stage of this course. However, many students flunked in this exam. There must be so many questions roaming in your mind, the reason behind your failure as it is not easy watching your coaching, class friends becoming CA Finalist and you lag behind.

Many of the people around you are either suggesting you switch over to other courses or making fun of your failure but nobody can understand your pain until they don’t face it. So, stop caring about what others say and focus on what you want.

If you want to become CA then nobody can pull you back. Don’t compare yourself with either Sharma Ji ka beta or Verma Ji ki beti. Everybody has different capabilities. They might not have taken attempts to clear this exam but you did. It does not mean that you will not be a successful Chartered Accountant in future.

There are many CA’s who completed this course very smoothly but struggling to get a good job or a good position in office as well as you will meet many of such people who struggled during the CA journey but today working at a good positioned in well-reputed companies.

Believe in and never underestimate yourself. Do you know Shailee Choudhary ??

She cleared her CPT in two attempts, IPCC second group in five attempts and even CA Final in two attempts and scored AIR – 1. Can you believe this. Many people has suggested her to switch over to some other course but she did not let any second thought came to her mind and refuse to give up. You can imagine how much she was dedicated and focused towards his goal. If she can do this then you can also do this.

The number of attempts gives you an experience and you are lucky enough to explore such an experience so take it an opportunity and go for it.

Failure doesn’t mean that game is over, it means try again with experience……..

What to do if you haven’t clear Group-1

In case you haven’t clear group – 1 and did not start preparing for Group -2 then you will definitely go for only Group – 1.

But in case you have started preparations for Group 2 after appearing in first group examinations and confident enough to handle both the groups at a time, then appear for both the groups. Complete your preparations for the second group as soon as possible and start revising the first group thereafter.

What to do if you haven’t clear Group – 2

In case you passed the Group-1 but did not clear the Second group then you will be eligible to register for three years Articleship Training. However, if you are confident that you can manage your second group studies with the office then only you should register for the Practical training.

Otherwise, it would be better to go with studies first and register for the practical training as soon as you get clear the second group examinations.

What to do if you haven’t clear both groups??

In case you haven’t clear both the groups of IPCC then the only way is start preparation as early as possible. Analyse your mistake and prepare well for the next time. But if you are not understanding where did you mistake then you can apply for the verified copies from the ICAI and match your answers with the suggested answers.

A number of attempts cannot change your goal and does not define if you really want something. You should ask questions to yourself where are you lacking at. Is that your preparation really weak or you need to change your study pattern or presentation.

There can be many reasons behind this failure but you can’t sit down accepting such failures rather than this, stand out and face them.

Parindo ko manjil milegi, ye unke faile hue par bolte h…………………………….

Wahi log rahte h Khamosh aksar, jamane me jinke hunar bolte h………………..

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