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TRADE NOTICE NO: 04/2015 Dated : 10.06.15

Sub :- Introduction of facility of payment of rebate / refund claims amount directly to the assessee / exporters’ Bank Account – Reg.

Consequent to sanction of rebate / refund claims by the competent authority, cheques are being issued and the same are sent by Registered Post or handed over to the authorized person in person. The present procedure entails paper work and man power deployment by the claimants as authorized persons are required to visit the departmental offices for collection of refund cheques. There are also instances where cheques are returned due to incomplete address or change in address or some other clerical errors. All these lead to delay in realization of refund amounts by the claimants. Therefore, as a trade facilitation measure, the facility for payment of refund amount directly to assessee’s / exporter’s bank account is being introduced for all refunds / rebates sanctioned by Chennai Central Excise and Service Tax Zone.

2. The following procedure is prescribed for implementation of the above facility:-


For all fresh claims filed on or after 01.07.2015, the claimants shall provide one time authorization in duplicate duly certified by the beneficiary bank in the format Annexure A enclosed to this Trade Notice along with a cancelled cheque containing IFS code. For all subsequent claims, the claimant shall produce a self attested copy of the authorisation already submitted to the refund sanctioned authority

For all pending claims, where refund orders have not been issued before 01.07.2015, the claimants shall provide the necessary authorisation in duplicate duly certified by the beneficiary bank on or before 01.07.2015.

All the refund sanctioned authorities are authorized to order for payment of refund under the system of Electronic payment of rebate/refund amounts through RTGS / NEFT facility, through Authorized Banks as detailed below:-

Designation of the Refund
sanctioning authority
Name of the Bank
Maritime Commissioner and
AC/DC, All Divisions
Indian Bank, Esplanade Branch

The refund sanctioning authority would forward to the above banks at regular intervals (i) Signed statement in format Annexure B enclosed to this Trade Notice containing the list of beneficiaries (ii) A cheque in favour of the Bank as mentioned above for the consolidated refund amount (iii) Authorization letter in original received from the claimants and (iv) Soft copy of the above statement to the banks through e-mail.

Duplicate copy of the authorisation letter from the claimant will be retained by the respective refund sanctioning authorities

It is clarified that the banks may charge the refund claimant charges for remitting refund amount through RTGS/NEFT and the claimant would get only the net amount

Upon receipt of the statement signed by refund sanctioning authorities and the cheque for the consolidated refund amount, the bank would credit the refund amount to the respective accounts of the claimants through NEFT/RTGS after deducting the applicable NEFT/RTGS charges as per RBI guidelines

3. In case of any difficulty, the claimant may contact their jurisdictional

4. The contents of this Trade Notice may be brought to the notice of all the members of trade, exporters and other

Encl: as above


(issued from File. C.No.IV/16/21 3/2015 Cx Pol)

Download Format of Annexure A & B

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