Commencement of Electronic Verification of Income Tax Returns for AY 2015-16

To facilitate the taxpayers and to provide end-to-end e-enabled services, the Income Tax Return for A.Y. 2015-16 can now be verified electronically.

A taxpayer may verify his return through Internet Banking or through Aadhar based authentication process. Persons using this facility will not be required to submit a signed paper copy of ITR-Verification form (ITR-V) to CPC Bengaluru.

For the convenience of small taxpayers having total income of Rs. 5 lakhs or below without any claim of refund, facility for generating Electronic Verification Code (EVC) has also been provided on the E-filing website of the Department. In such cases EVC will be sent to the Registered Email ID and Mobile Number of person to enable him to thereafter use this code to verify the return.

In case a taxpayer is unable to electronically verify the ITR using the EVC for any reason, then, the signed copy of ITR-V may be sent within the specified time of 120 days to CPC Bengaluru by Ordinary post or Speed post.

Details regarding e-verification are available in Notification 2/2015 in issued on 13th July 2015 at

Taxpayers are requested to use Electronic Verification facility in view of the convenience and flexibility offered. Taxpayers are also requested to e-file their returns early to avoid the rush closer to the last date.

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  1. Pradeep Singh mehra says:

    For the last year IT return that is 2015-16, do we have to send itr-V by speed post to benglaru as extension given till 05 August.?

  2. rohan todakari says:

    Sir, I have filed my return online & verified it with aadhar. My income is under five laks but refund amount is Rs.1990. Is it necessary to send ITR-V to income tax department.please advice me i am very much tensed.

  3. Ravindra Kumbhar says:

    I have filed my return online & verified it with net banking. My income is under five laks but refund amount is Rs.1780. Is it necessary to send ITR-V to income tax department.

  4. CA Seshadri says:

    The OTP sent to mobile number will be valid for just 10 minutes!The logic of this is not clear .why not give 24 hours atleast ?it will not help tax professionals in making use of this as clients will have to instantly forward the OTP .

  5. CA Lalit Munoyat says:

    Though this is a very good green initiative, the kind of small assessees covered under this scheme would find it very difficult to comply with it because they depend fully on their tax consultants for filing of returns. They submit all the information to their tax consultants who can file their return immediately without any need for EVC. Many small tax payers may not be aware of operating of email accounts and to ask him to get the same to complete the efiling process may not be an easy task. Therefore until the computer literacy is fully spread across all small assessee, and to begin with, only an OTP should be sent to the registered mobile of the assessee who thereafter can communicate the same to his tax consultant to complete the e-verification. Or to be somewhat more stringent , an Answer to a personal question may be stored in the assessee e-profile to authenticate login credentials and coupled with OTP may suffice in the initial stage. Otherwise the manual sending of ITR V will continue.

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