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As we all are aware that, if the return is electronically furnished under a digital signature, the tax-payer is not required to furnish the Form ITR-V with the Income-tax Department as a follow up to the electronic transmitting of data in the return. Similarly, any return which is digitally signed by the assessee and filed with an E-Return Intermediary (ERI), who, in turn, submits the return to the Income Tax Department under his digital signature, will also be deemed to have been filed under a digital signature of the assessee and no Form ITR-V is required to be submitted. In such cases, the date of electronic transmission of the data in the return shall be the date of furnishing the return.

It has been further provided that if the assessee does not use a digital signature for electronically transmitting the data, also not used any other mode like EVC or Adhaar OTP to E verify his return, he is required to follow-up the electronic transmission of the data by submitting the Form ITR-V with the Income-tax Department as verification of the electronic filing of the return. In such a case, the date of transmitting the data electronically will be the date of furnishing the return if the Form ITR-V is furnished within 120 days after the date of transmitting the data electronically. In case, Form ITR-V, is furnished after the above mentioned period, it will be deemed that the return in respect of which the Form ITR-V has been filed was never furnished and it shall be incumbent on the assessee to electronically re-transmit the data and follow it up by submitting the new Form ITR-V within thirty days.

The Circular also states that since the Form ITR-V is bar-coded, assessee is advised not to fold the same and post it in A4 size envelope. Also ensure that the ITR V acknowledgement has to be signed in BLUE ink only and that to within given box. The assessee shall furnish the Form ITR-V to the Income-tax Department by mailing it to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka” within thirty 120  days after the date of transmitting the data electronically. The Post Box shall deliver all the Form ITR-V to the Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) of the Income-tax Department in Bangalore. Upon receipt of the Form ITR-V, the CPC shall send an e-mail acknowledging the receipt of Form ITR-V. The e-mail shall be sent in due course to the e-mail address furnished by the tax-payers in his return. No Form ITR-V shall be received in any other office of the Income-tax Department or in any other manner.

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding ITR-V

Can I submit ITR-V anywhere else in India?

No, you cannot. You have to compulsorily mail your ITR-V in a sealed A-4 envelope to the address mentioned above.

Is there any time limit for submitting ITR-V to Income Tax Department?

Yes, you should mail your ITR-V within 120 days of e-filing your return.

What if I do not submit ITR-V within 120 days?

If you miss submitting your ITR-V within 120 days, your e-filing will be considered as null and void. It means that it will be considered that you have not yet filed your return. In such a case you will have to file revised return, get a new ITR-V and submit the same within 120 days.

Can I send the ITR-V to CPC by Registered Post?

No, The tax payer has to send the duly signed copy of ITR-V to “Centralized Processing Centre, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru 560500” within 120 days of uploading the return by Ordinary post or Speed post ONLY.

I have not received a copy of ITR-V in my e-mail ID or the ITR-V received in my mail ID is not opening, since it is a corrupt file. What should I do?

LOGIN to e-filing account and go to My Account → ‘View e-Filed Returns/Forms ‘ → Income Tax Returns. Click on the Acknowledgement Number and download the ITR-V again of the relevant Assessment Year.

Can more than one ITR-V be sent to CPC in one envelope?

Yes, any number of ITR-Vs can be sent in one envelope. Caution has to be maintained that the barcode printed potion in the ITR-V does not get folded.

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  1. Sunanda Baruah says:

    Sir.. I had selected new tax regime by mistake during the financial year 2020 and wanted to switch back to old one during ITR filing. But I did not get any option to select old tax regime during ITR filing. When will I be able to go back to old tax regime now? Will I be able to change it during the new financial year 2021?

  2. dilip says:


    am a widow

    can you help me i hv doubt in filling it return
    I have filed through online. . i got itr v back
    from it on email. . now what i have to do is
    verify and sign then send thro normal post . .
    the doubt is in verification field last line just
    before sign here
    ” I further declare that I am making this return
    in my capacity as __________ and I am also
    competent to make this return and verify it ”
    here WHAT do I need to fill on this above


  3. puja says:

    I have uploaded my return but i have furnished wrong mail id so can i correct the i will not receive receipt because of that.

  4. Somanath sahu says:

    Can any body help me that I have filed ITR1 on 28 jul 2012 but i forgot to send signed ITRV to CPC Banglore till date. Now I find some mistake in filing ITR for the same AY. Now I prepared the new ITR for the same AY and saved an XML file and tried to upload the return as Revised and U/S 139(5) but it is unable to be uploaded. It is not being accepted with previous ack no and date or in original format also. Pls help me

  5. Manoj Babu says:

    please send me the new postal address of IT dept Bangalore to which I have to send my ITRV form. I have send the form to the old address. But still sms is coming to send it again

  6. Gowrisankar says:


    Recently i filed mu IT Returns for yr 2011-2012 .. I got the Acknologment and find that i have filled the form with wrong name.
    Name on Acknologment: Gowrishankarrao
    Original name on PAN card: Gowrisankararao..

    as of now iam not submited the acknologment.. how to proceed to get my name correct and file my returns..


  7. mahesh says:

    Sub:  Wrong Email Address in ITRV form
    I had an IT consultant file my tax returns for this year 2012-13. But i didnt receive any acknowledgement so far. i was provided with the user and password so i logged into the using these. i find the acknowledgement is sent to another unknown address. i downloaded a copy of the ITRV form and it had the same unknown email address. 
    I have not yet sent the ITRV form to CPC. How do i change that email address and put the right email address before sending the ITRV ?
    Please help

  8. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Dear Sir

    I haven’t filed my ITR as earlier i was in dubai but came back in 2010.

    Is it possible that i can file my ITR for the last 2 years.

  9. thyagaraj says:

    I had submitted my 2009-2010 returns online and forgot to submit my ITR-V . Somehow i didnt get the final notice intime. i got the notice that they will treat my filing invalid if i dont submit the itr-v before 31.03.2011. Now when i try to sumit my filings again it is not accepting. How can i resumit my filings now?Can anyone suggest it?

  10. M.Sumita says:

    I submitted my returns on 27/07/2011 for AY 2011-12 and got the 15 digit Ack. Number. I took print out in black ink and immediately posted the duly signed( signed in Blue Ink) copy of ITRV to CPC, POB-1, Electronic promptly in A-4 envelope without folding.Today is 10th August.15 Days over. ITR-V Receipt Status Details on their WEBSITE / Receipt Status SAYS
    “ITR-V not received in CPC till date.Please send it immediately by Ordinary Post or Speed Post.”
    E-filing Processing Status:- says
    “There is no record found for the Pan and Ass.Yr combination provided by you.”


  11. Ashish says:

    I have submitted ITR for 2011-12 online and have sent the ITR V acknowledgement via speed post to Income tax office Bangalore.
    As per the speed post tracking, the courier has been delivered at Income tax office Bangalore around 15 days back. but on income tax website, I am still getting message as “ITR-V not received in CPC till date”.

    Usually how much time does it take to get the status refreshed?
    Do I need to send the receipt again?

  12. Arvind says:

    Sir, I submitted the ITR-1 form successfully on the website, and it showed the message that ITR-V will be sent to my email, but even after 4 days I have not received the email. I checked my email address is correct in the ITR-1 form, and also checked spam folder.

    I am repeatedly sending mail to the ask (AT) incometaxindia (DOT) gov (DOT) in mail ID, but not receiving any reply. Please advise what I should do in this case. If I resubmit the ITR-1, it says already submitted and I cannot submit again.

  13. Balbir Singh says:


    I am NRI living in UK. For AY2010/11 my agent manually filed on my behalf my Tax Return in Jalandhar Income Tax Office. On the tax return my Jalandhar holiday house address was provided but I was wrongly informed that Tax refund will be directly paid into my Indan Bank Account. I now find refund cheque was posted to my Jalandhar holiday address and it was undelivered and return back to SBI.

    I am now required to provide new postal address to the Assessing Officer I assume in Jalandhar Office? Do I send letter stating my UK address to where the Tax office should forward refund cheque or should I provide C/O address in India?

    How long should I expect Assessing Officer to update this information? I hope he or she does not just ignore my request for many months.

    I would much appreciate any help and quick response on this matter.

  14. Subodh says:

    I am outside India and filed ITR from US. In this Assessment year I was in India for entire duration.
    I have put my India’s office address and written the place as Bangalore in the Verification section.
    Do I need to change this or is this fine?

  15. vishal maheshwari says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have already filed my ITR for the A/Y-2009-10 and i have already sent the ITR-V to banglore Twice. But i didnt receipt any confirmation on my mail from Income Tax Department. The status on MY ACCOUNT is “This e-Return has been invalidated due to non-receipt of ITR-V in CPC within stipulated time limit”. Then. in such case, what would i do. Pls rply me

  16. Subhankar says:

    I have submitted my return for assessment year 2010- 2011. I have got the message that return has submitted successfully and my correct mail address is also showing but i have not received the ITR-V in my mail address. Please advise regarding the same. Thank you.

  17. sivaram choudhry says:

    It is treated as if no IT return is furnished to the IT Department if the signed copy does not reach CPC with in 120 days. But there is nothing to worry. Please understand that you can always file the return again any time between 31/03/2011 and you will have another 120 days as validity for the second one. Of-course if you have some refund related problem then you need to explain as whether the delay was on account of any justifiable reason. Go ahead and best of luck.

    Sivaram Choudhry
    Choudhury & Associates

  18. barnidharan iyer says:

    I have to revise a return for AY 2009-10. Can I do it using the digital signature or it has to be done by the manual method. Please advise. N kindly confirm the date before which the return has to be filed.The return is for a company.

  19. SD BHATT says:


  20. subramanya says:

    Dear Sanjay
    Password is auto generated.
    password to open the file if your pan no ( small letter) and date of birth( No space and no spl character)
    For eg. My pan no CBEPS7553M
    daye of birth 22/07/1983.
    password will be cbeps7553m22071983

  21. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I submitted the return ITR-1 through efiling and got the ITR-V form as PDF but it is encrypted and asks for a password for opening. But I did not give any password for ITR-V. How to open this document pl help.

  22. Pankaj says:

    Abhishek, Guru- I did sent these errors to IT dept. They have uploaded new PDF 1.2 which is correct one. I also asked IT if we need to send revised or both but did not get reply

  23. KrishnaChaitany says:

    @Abhishek Sood / @yashashree – I too have used pdf utility to generate XML file. It too have noticed that the formatting in XML file is not like the one generate by Excel utility. But I have uploaded the xml generated by pdf utility to check and it got successfully uploaded and ITR-V file was successfully generated.

    But I too want to know if we have to send the ITR-V of the original along with the ITR-V of the revised or it is enough to send the ITR-V or the original alone or other way round by sending only ITR-V of the revised.

  24. yashashree says:

    Dear sir I have recieved a mail of the acknowledgement of receipt of ITR- V. Does that mean I have successfully completed the procedure and I shall recieve the refund for sure? Its been four months I have e filed the returns by when shall I expect this refund? Kindly reply.Thank you.

    Yashashree A. Sutrale

  25. Abhishek Sood says:

    Dear Sir
    I am also facing the same problem as described by Mr. Guru Prasad . I also efiled ITR-1 generated using the PDF utility in income tax website and successfully uploaded the xml file. But the ITR-V generated had many missing information , simply showing figures to be zero. ( like deductions under chapter VI-A, Net income , Total income, net tax payable , interest payable,total tax & interest payable). I being under impression that some mistake has been done by me while entering the figures from my form 16 , i again followed the procedure. But the result was same. I contacted ayakar helpline and was advised to mail them on . But i have not got any response.

    kindly advice me whether should i post both these ITR-V forms to bangalore office or should use excel utility as done by Mr.GuruPrasad and submit the new ITR-V generated.

    Please advice at earliest.

    Best Regards
    Abhishek Sood

  26. Guruprasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    I e-filed ITR-1, generated using the PDF utility in income tax web site. But the acknoledgement generated(ITR-V), was having missing info.
    So I re-submitted ITR-1, which is generated using the excel utility. The acknoledgement(ITR-V) is correct. Now,is it enough to file only the correct ITR-V? or both correct and incorrect(gennerated for first submission) ITR-V should be mailed?

    I have also noticed that the ITR-1 PDF utility does not generate the correct xml file.


  27. Harish I says:

    Respected Sir
    An year back; I had filed manual return for A.Y.2009-10. I filed revised return for the same 10 days back online, but forgot to mention the Revise return details. I mistakenly kept value for “Whether original or revised return” as O-original. Since A.Y. is 2009-10 and as I have not mentioned it as revised return; what will happen now? Will this be considered as late filing and penalised? or is there any provision that I can still rectify this. Please reply.
    – Harish I

  28. Harish I says:

    Respected Sir
    I had filed manual return for A.Y.2009-10. I filed revised return for the same 10 days back, but forgot to mention the Revise return details. I mistakenly kept value for “Whether original or revised return” as O-original. Since A.Y. is 2009-10 and as I have not mentioned it as revised return; what will happen now? Will this be considered as late filing and penalised? or is there any provision that I can rectify this. Please reply.
    – Harish I

  29. Shrihari Kulkarni says:

    I have e filed my return and submited on IT web site, I have also sent the ITRV to CPC just 2 days back. Now I came to know that I have done a mistake while filling up one value, can I re upload the XML after modification and re send the modified ITR V?

  30. Sen says:

    Provision for indicating email id exists while filling up the online return and must be availed of since the proof of submission/receipt by the IT dept will be a scanned copy mailed to your email ID as attachment and no separate hard copy to your address.

  31. Sen says:

    Dear Sandeep Kanoi, thanks for the tips about filling up the verification paragraph last line. What you have suggested is common sense but I wanted to be sure since a wrong filling up should not result in rejection of Form-V submission by post. I have decided to fill up the declaration as “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as (my name)and I am also competenet to make this return and verify it.”

    Hope this is ok. Will be grateful for a confirmation in the IT official website and where to find it.

  32. Sen says:

    In the verification paragraph of ITR-V, what has to be filled up in the last line: “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as……..and I am also competenet to make this return and verify it.”
    Do yo have to write your name after”as” and before “and”? Or do you write “individual”? Please clarify. Is this point not clarified by the IT department somewhere in their rules/websites?

  33. Sachin Kulkarni says:

    I had done e-filling of Return and post hard copy of ITR V by ordinary post to Bangalore as per Income Tax Dept circular but after 10 days no confirmation of e mail received nor in showing any status of receiving in MY ACCOUNT.
    1 )Normally how many days it takes place to send email for acknowledgeing receipt of ITR V.
    2 ) Why only by Ordinary post
    3 ) Why we suffer if Post office
    not deliver the same within time or they fold our envelope.

  34. Ravi says:

    I have one question & same is happen with me. I had file e-filling and submit the hard copy to Bangalore. that same is being received there but no confirmation email from them nor in showing any status of receiving in MY Account. in such case what should assesses do? Bangalore office is not taking responsibility of sending email of confirmation. pls help

  35. Casp says:

    Atleast they should have accepted registered post. Why is IT Dept. shying away from acknowledging the receipt of ITR-V by post. This clearly shows that they want to have a ready made alibi that they did no receive the hardcopy of ITR-V in case of any bungling happens at their end. Electronic submission seems risky.

  36. GS.RAJARAM says:

    If I post an enlope containing itr v approximately how many days it will take for you to send e-mail acknowledging receipt of itr v

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