Nowadays it’s the common practice among general mass to simply punch the data in the no. of websites working as the return filers or return preparers and get the return filed. Especially  the salaried class people do resort to this practice but this kind of practice is not only time consuming but even unsafe.

For Example- Many at times when you file the Income tax Return where you get salary in arrears u/s 89 of the Income tax Act 1961 which mandate the requirement of submission of Form 10E along with the return. But, when you file the return through these websites they collect the data & file the return but will not ask you to fill the Form 10E due to which the assesse gets the demand notice along with 143(1) intimation.

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This leads to unnecessary troubles to assesse in terms of Money, time & energy. not only this its just an example but even these websites collect your personal data such as PAN no. & Aadhar No. which are very base of citizen of our country. if this data is hacked/mined by some people it can cause other problems to assesse such as hacking of bank account and other private data.

The official website of income tax for return filing is certified by proper, trusted certification & the biggest certification it is governmental official website so anyone should directly file the return by logging onto this website. it is safe & trusted.

Main reason people resort to these websites to file return is saving of few thousand bucks.

But its like saving the seconds & wasting the hours.

It is always better to take service of a Advocate, Chartered Accountant or Tax Practitioner for Tax return filing as these people are expert of this field both at the level of Law & technical aspect. Although it may require the spending of few hundred/thousand bucks but it will save the assesse’s private data from used by unauthorized persons and even the serious trouble of different compliances of department will be done properly which will not lead us to be served by demand notice or scrutiny notices.

So Be aware & Always make the Informed Choices to safeguard ourselves with unnecessary troubles. Saving the Money is good but it should be at Right place & not at Wrong Place.

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