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Notification No. 53/2015

Dated: 26/06/2015

Name, address and PAN of the applicant : M/s Marico Limited, Mumbai  PAN: AAACM7493G

Title of the agricultural extension project: Safflower Agricultural Extension Project______

Purpose of the agricultural extension : To improve the yield as well as increase roject the area under cultivation of safflower crops

Reference No. and date of the application : F.No. 203/21/2015-ITA.II received on 15.05,2015

Date of commencement of the agricultural: Already commenced. However, approval extension projec shall be effective from the date of issue of formal Notification u/s 35CCC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (‘Act`)

Duration of the agricultural extension project in months: Assessment year(s) for which the agricultural extension project is being notified (not exceeding three years) ______

Total expenses likely to be incurred for the agricultural extension project (other than cost of land or building) or the rules or the conditions mentioned in the notification issued under sub-rule (6) or sub-rule (9) of rule 6AAID.

iii. The approved entity shall not accept any amount from the beneficiaries under the eligible agricultural extension project for training, education, guidance or for any material so distributed for the said purposes.

iv. The approved entity shall not get any direct or indirect benefit from the notified agricultural extension project except the deduction of the eligible expenditure in accordance with the provisions of section 35CCC of the Act, rule 6AAD of the LT, Rules, 1962 and this Notification. The approved entity shall also not name any of their agricultural extension project/activity/scheme on the brand name of any of their products.

v. The applicant shall furnish data sheet of farmers who have benefited from the project to the Ministry of Agriculture.

vi. All expenses other than salary expenditure of regular employees of the company and expenditure in the nature of cost of any land or building, as reduced by the amount received from the beneficiary, if any, incurred wholly and exclusively for undertaking an eligible agricultural extension project shall be eligible for deduction under section 35CCC:

Provided that any expenditure incurred on the agricultural extension project which is reimbursed or reimbursable to the assessee by any person, whether directly or indirectly, shall not be eligible for deduction under section 35CCC.

vii, Where a deduction under this section 35CC of the Act is claimed and allowed for any assessment year, deduction shall not be allowed in respect of such expenditure under any other provisions of the Act for the same or any other assessment year.

viii. The approved entity shall, on or before the due date of furnishing the return of income under sub-section (1) of section 139, furnish the following to the Jurisdictional PCIT/CIT/PDIT/DIT as the case may be, namely:-

a) the audited statement of accounts of the agricultural extension projects for the previous year along with the audit report and amount of deduction claimed under sub-section (1) of section 35CCC;

b) a note on the agricultural extension project undertaken by it during the previous year and the programme of agricultural extension project to be undertaken during the current year and the financial allocation for such programme; and

c) a certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, regarding the genuineness of the agricultural extension project undertaken by the assessee during the previous year.

ix. Under the project only product neutral training will be given except for a short session on company’s profile and products. Further, the farmers benefited under the project will have the right to supply Safflower seeds to entity of their choice.

1.1. The Central Board of Direct Taxes shall withdraw the approval if the approved entity:-

a) has ceased its activities; or

b) its activities are not genuine; or

c) its activities are not being carried out in accordance with all or any of the relevant provisions of the Act or Rules; or

d) its activities are not being carried out in accordance with all or any of the conditions subject to which the notification is being issued.

Place: New-Delhi Dated: 26/06/2015

(Rohit Garg)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

(F.No. 203/21/2015-ITAII)

Notification No. 53/2015

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