pri Completion of time barring e-Assessment-regarding Completion of time barring e-Assessment-regarding

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New Delhi-110055

F. No. Pr. DGIT(S)/Tech/Time-barring E-assessment/2019-20/ Dated: 08.11.2019


The All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income Tax/CCsIT,

Subject: Completion of time barring e-Assessment-regarding.

Please refer to the MIS on the completion of time barring E-Assessment pending in different jurisdictions which is being circulated from time to time (Refer Annexure).

In view of the large number of pendency, there is a possibility of problems arising in computation and calculation of tax by system. In view of the large number of pendency, there is a possibility of bulk of the pending assessments being completed around the end of the time barring period. As you are aware, the computation and tax calculation process can be complex in certain cases which may cause delay in completion of accounting in the system.

Keeping the above in view, a meeting with the assessing officers was jointly held with the PCCIT, Delhi to ascertain the reasons for the large number of pendency of assessments. In the said meeting, the AOs did not point out any particular systemic issue as a major cause for such large pendency. Some of them did point out to issues relating to computation of income, delay in visibility of documents uploaded by the assesses and certain other issues. They also pointed out that there is a need to speak to designated officers in CPC for early resolution of their grievances. Many have stated that all the required information have been received from the assessee, and they are in the process of finalising the assessments. All of them assured that the workload in manageable and the situation is under control. The officers also assured that they will be passing the orders soon so as to avoid any last minute overload of computation and tax calculation with system.

In consultation with the officers present, it was decided that the tickets raised by the AOs will be aggregated at the level of DC(Coordination) and these categories of tickets will be taken up category wise for early resolution. You may also instruct the concerned officer in your headquarters to aggregate the tickets and send the same to CPC for resolution.

If bulk of the non-complex cases are completed by December 15th, then it would be feasible to extend detailed support by ITBA team in the remaining complex cases. In this background, you are requested to take up the matter with the field formation and ensure that the assessment are completed by 15th of December. Necessary instructions may be given to all AOs to at least complete draft computation in each case (dummy/dry run) by November 15th, as was done last year, to pre-empt any last minute error, which would come to the fore now itself.

You are also requested to discuss any other strategy for implementations across the Department for early completion of the assessment proceedings.

I would be grateful for your cooperation in the matter.

Pr. Director General of Income Tax (Systems),
New Delhi

143(3) Dec-2019 Time Barring summary as on 6th Nov 2019
All 143(3) TB Cases Total number of Cases Completed Total number of Cases Pending Pending %
01-ANDHRA PRADESH AND TELENGANA 20,156 3,768 16,375 81%
02-BIHAR AND JHARKHAND 8,209 2,251 5,953 73%
03-DELHI 25,142 1,991 23,128 92%
04-GUJARAT 25,407 3,196 22,177 87%
05-KARNATAKA AND GOA 26,011 5,101 20,892 80%
06-KERALA 9,517 2,281 7,231 76%
07-MADHYA PRADESH AND CHATTISGARH 13,113 1,671 11,432 87%
08-MUMBAI 26,139 2,970 23,142 89%
09-NAGPUR 4,337 1,081 3,254 75%
10-NORTI I EAST REGION 4,813  1,718 3,067 64%
11-NORTH WEST REGION 22,571 4,451 18,078 80%
12-0DISHA 3,151 496 2,655 84%
13-PUNE 20,394 3,258 17,121 84%
14-RAJASTHAN 12,839 2,864 9,954 78%
I5-TAMIL NADU 22,371 3,074 19,284 86%
16-UTTAR PRADESH (EAST) 10,978 1,882 9,079 83%
17-UTTAR PRADESH (WEST) 12,121 2,928 9,184 76%
18-WEST BENGAL AND SIKKIM 21,425 5,874 15,543 73%
19-PCCIT INTL.TAX, DELHI 501 92 408 81%
20-Central 14,030 1,692 11,024 79%
21-Exemption 15,802 3,069 12,731 81%
Total 3,19,027 55,708 2,61,712 82.03%

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