Disallowance of expenditure for which payment exceeding Rs. 2,500 is made otherwise than by crossed cheque/bank draft under sub-section (3), read with rule 6DD of the Income-tax Rules – Scope and operation of the sub-section explained

1. The Board had occasion to deal with several representations from various chambers of commerce, trade associations and businessmen regarding the scope of provisions of section 40A(3) and rule 6DD.  Since many of the points raised therein are of an important nature, the clarifications given thereon are summarised below.

2. The provisions of section 40A(3) would apply in computing the income under the heads “Profits and gains of business or profession” and “Income from other sources” as per section 58(2). All payments in excess of Rs. 2,500 at one time whether for goods or services obtained for cash or credit, which are deductible in computing the income, have to be made by crossed cheque or bank draft.  Thus, the price of goods purchased for resale or use in manufacturing process or payments for services will be covered by the provisions of section 40A(3).  However, the section will not apply to repayment of loans or payment towards the purchase price of capital assets such as plant and machinery not for resale.

3. A large portion of trade in agricultural commodities is channelled through the institution of “arhatias”.  While the payments made to the cultivators or growers of agricultural produce are specifically excluded from the purview of section 40A(3) by clause (f) of rule 6DD, the payments made to the “arhatiya”  for purchases made from him are not so exempted.  It is contended that the “arhatiy” is not in a position to pay the cultivators in cash until the cheques are encashed and this procedure involves severe hardship.  However, this difficulty can be met by obtaining the advances from the purchasers, which should of course conform to requirements of section 40A(3). The extension of the exemption to the purchases would defeat the objective of the provisions.

4. So far as payments made to the railways on account of freight charges or for booking of wagons, and payment of sales tax, excise duty, are concerned, clause (b) of rule 6DD specifically exempts such payments from the purview of section 40A(3) if, under the rules framed by the Government, these are required to be made in legal tender.

Circular : No 34 [F. No. 13A/92/69-IT(A-II)], dated 5-3-1970.

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