Tax Collection at Source (TCS) onon sale of certain minerals

Mining sector is an important segment of Indian economy but the trading of minerals remained largely unregulated resulting in non-reporting or under-reporting of trading in minerals trading transactions for the taxation purpose. In order to collect tax at the earliest point of time and also to improve reporting mechanism of transactions in mining sector, it is proposed that tax at the rate of 1% shall be collected by the seller from the buyer of the following minerals:

(a)  Coal;

(b)  Lignite; and

(c)  Iron ore.

However, the seller shall also not collect tax on sale of the said minerals if the same are purchased by the buyer for personal consumption. Further, the seller of these minerals shall not collect tax if the buyer declares that these minerals are to be utilized

for the purposes of manufacturing, processing or producing articles or things.

This amendment will take effect from 1st  July, 2012.

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25 responses to “TCS on sale of Coal, Lignite, Iron ore”

  1. Deeksha Sachdev says:

    What is the limit for deduction of TCS?
    if I made a sale for Rs. 2,000/- it is applicable or not
    And if I made a sale Above Rs. 1,00,000, will it be applicable??

  2. avani says:

    in case of tcs not coverd under audit wherthere tcs complsoury applicable

  3. avani says:

    coal iteam resale time comp.cess applicable?

  4. avani says:

    coal time resale time comp.cess applicable?

  5. T P Sahu says:

    Sales Coal against TCS charge 1% In Bill .My Question is which code i Submit in challan

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