Step 1: login to GST Portal ( ) using the login credentials.

Step 2: Go to Services-Registration-Amendment of Registration Non-Core Fields.

Step 3: Select the Authorised Signatory Tab.

Step 4: Select the edit option shown in the Authorised Signatory Person, de-select the Primary Authorised Signatory checkbox and save it.

Step 5: After saving the Detail, click on add new tab and create a dummy authorised signatory by filling the required details.

Step 6: During filling the Details, make sure that Primary Authorised Signatory checkbox is selected, new E-Mail Id and Mobile Number is filled.

Step 7: Click on edit option of dummy authorized signatory and save it.

Step 8: While saving the details, it will ask for the OTP verification which will come on the new e-mail id and mobile number.

Step 9: Click one more time on edit option of dummy signatory and uncheck the primary authorised signatory and change the e-mail id and mobile number and save it. After saving the details, delete the dummy signatory.

Step 10: Click on edit option of Proprietor and select the checkbox of Primary Authorised Signatory and save it.

Step 11: Updated e-mail id and mobile number will be saved in communication details.

Step 12: Click on the verification tab and submit the application with DSC/EVC.

Step 13: It will generate the acknowledgment after 15 minutes, but we can check the status in My Saved Applications.

Step 14: After Successful Validation, the profile will be updated with new E-Mail Id and Mobile Number.

Procedure for Change of Registered E-Mail Id and Mobile Number in GST in Case of Propreitorship

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