prpri Concepts of GST: Registration and Migration Concepts of GST: Registration and Migration

Concepts of GST:

Registration and Migration


­- Who has to register?

→ Turnover above 10 lakhs / 20 lakhs pa

→ Inter-state supplier

→ Required only in the state from where the supply is made

→ Casual & non resident taxable persons

→ Persons on whom there is responsibility of paying full tax under reverse charge e.g transport aggregator

Electronic Commerce Operator (ECO)


Aggregate Turnover

Aggregate Turnover

Aggregate Turnover will be computed on All-India basis for same PAN

Who do not have to register?

→ Person engaged exclusively in non-taxable or wholly exempt from tax

→ Agriculturist, in so far as supply of produce out of cultivation of land

→ Persons engaged exclusively in supplies which are under RCM


Registration is

→ PAN based only

→ State wise separate registration

→ One per state only except in case of business verticals / SEZ units

→ One principal place of business has to be given. Additional places can be given

→ Registration is a must within 30 days of starting business

How to modify registration


– Legal name of business

– Address of principal place or additional place of business

– Addition, deletion or retirement of partners or directors etc.,

→ Can be modified only by tax authorities


→ Can be modified by self

Pros and cons of voluntary registration


– You can do B to B transactions

– Other registered dealers will not have to pay tax in reverse charge


– Once registered, you have to pay taxes on all supplies, even if turnover is less than 20 lakhs

– Even if no transactions in any month, return will have to be filed

GST Portal (

– Common portal for

  • Registration
  • Payment
  • Return filing
  • IGST Settlement data processing


  • Enrollment: of taxpayers registered under VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise and other taxes  subsumed under GST.
  • Work started on 8th Nov 2016 to migrate such taxpayers by generating Prov ID (PID)
  • One Prov ID is generated for a PAN in a State


What is to be done by Taxpayer

– Taxpayer has to

  • Activate Prov ID on GST Portal and create User ID and Password of his choice (Enrollment)
  • Fill part-B GSTR REG 26) and attached relevant documents (migration)
  • He can start using the Provisional ID as that is also his GSTIN (GST Identification Number).


When will I get Provisional Certificate

  • We have generated Provisional Certificate for all those who have activated their Provisional ID and shared it with Taxpayers by email. This number stands at 67.11 lakhs.
  • Prov Certificate is also available on the dashboard of taxpayer

What is Migration and when will I get Permanent RC?

  • Enrollment form has two parts. Filling up of first part makes one enrolled and generation of Provisional Certificate.
  • Second part has details like “business details”, ‘Promoters details’, Place of business, bank account, Goods and services dealt etc.

What are the tips for getting ready for registration

  • Please get the documents ready with prescribed size (scanned photos of promoters, scanned image of Proof of business premises, first page of bank passbook or statement.
  • (Photo: 100 KB jpeg; Proof of constitution of Business: 1 MB jpeg or pdf; Proof of appointment of Auth signatory: 100 KB; Place of business: 1 MB ; Banks: 100 KB)
  • Online filling is simple and does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The registration process is free of cost. In case you take services of tax consultant, you need to pay his/her fee only.
  • Once this part is filled and required documents are uploaded, you will get ARN (acknowledgement reference number).
  • Out of 67 lakhs 30 lakhs have completed part-B and their applications will be processed by tax officers soon for issue of Permanent Registration Certificate.
  • Remaining 37 lakhs taxpayers are requested to visit the portal quickly and fill up Part-B to get Permanent Registration Certificate. We are also sending email and SMS to them.

New Registration

How to apply for registration?

– On common portal

– Part A: PAN + Mobile no. + E-mail ID

Part A

New Registration

How to apply for registration?

part b

New Registration

How to apply for registration?

New Registration


What will I get after filling up the from?

  • You will get ARN
  • The details like PAN, Aadhaar will be matched with same with Income Tax and UIDAI
  • In case of any error, email will be sent explaining the error and way to correct the same.

When will I get RC?

  • Within 3 working days.
  • If tax officer can’t read the lease deed or other such document or if he has a query, he will raise a query which will come to you by email.
  • Please reply within 7 working days.
  • Officer will get 7 working days to take decision. He cannot ask question again.

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  1. Manish Jain says:

    20 lakh &
    75 lakh composition scheme should be scraped
    BecGST registered deales who are buying from unreunregistered GST dealers have to pay reverse Tax ,
    Further a SaaS based Application should be released by government so such small business can easiy maintain their accounts & file their returns on this application ,so they do not have to bear additional expense of maintaing account & return filing ,even they should be supported with Multilanguage tutorial how to operate this application.

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