Q 1. I am a service provider, providing services to multiple states but amounts is less than Rs. 20 Lac, do I need to register for GST ?

Ans. Registration for persons who makes inter- State supply of services and have aggregate turnover less than Rs. 20 lac, p.a. is exempted. For details please refer to Notification No. 10/2017- Integrated Tax dated 13.10.2017

Q 2. Do the NRIs earning more than 20 LPA need to register for GST?

Ans. Incidence of taxation in case of GST is ‘supply’. NRI making taxable supply in India are required to take registration. For registration as non- resident taxable person there is no exemption threshold. Please refer to Section 24 of the CGST Act, 2017.

Q 3. Registered dealer (other than a person dealing in second hand goods) sells its used car will GST be applicable?

Ans. Goods forming pat of assets of business are transferred or disposed even without consideration are taxable as per clause 4(a) of the Schedule II of CGST Act.

Q 4. I am a retail drug (pharmaceutical) store, do I need to register to GST

Ans. Yes, Registration would be required if your turnover is more than 20 Lakhs (10 Lakhs for special category states other than State of Jammu & Kashmir). Also refer to section 24 of CGST Act, 2017 for compulsory registration.

Q 5. If I am purchasing nil rated goods from other state, do I need to register to GST

Ans. No. Registration is not based on purchase of goods from other states. It depends upon supply made.

Q 6. How can I migrate from normal to composition scheme after taking new registration in normal scheme wrongly….. Pls help

Please refer to Rule 3 A of CGST Rules, Notification No. 45/2017- Central tax dated 13.10.17

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  1. Mohua says:

    I want to start online business for artificial jewellery made by semi precious stones. Since GSTIN is mandatory for online trading I have to get myself registered in GST. Do I need to file monthly /quarterly return if my turnover remains less than 20 Lakhs ?

  2. Vishwa says:

    i am a service provider, providing services as beauty parlour but amounts is less than Rs. 20 Lac, do I need to register for GST ?

  3. Niren says:

    I am a service provider of loan CONNECTOR from
    Bank and this month bank deduction GST in my payout,
    My annual service income not more than 20, Lakh
    So please share about new rules and GST guidelines
    Thanks and regards

  4. Samrat says:

    I want to start matrimonial service business, In the start, is GST compulsory for me if my turnover roundabout 6 to 10 lakh. I am from Meerut UP.
    And If customer ask for invoice what can i do ?
    Please reply

  5. Venkata Raman Kumar Rekapally says:

    I am registered for GST and paid GST as my total services receipts were over rs 20 lakhs.However, in the current financial year 2018-19 so far a had an income of Rs 10 lakhs till Aug 2018 end for which I paid the service tax assuming that I will cross Rs 20 Lakhs .But suddenly, my services are no longer required and I may not cross even 15 lakhs income this FY.What will happen to the service tax already paid by me?

  6. Prince Sharma says:

    The sale of my firm is Rs. 250000/- till 30/06/2017. Thereafter there in no sale. Do i need to register under GST.

  7. Manoj G says:

    I have online stores on Amazon, Etsy operating in US only with the help of third party vendor in US, who supplies goods(e.g Necklace), I am just supplying Designs, + I intend to open marketing website all in US geography, my turnover is less than 5 lacs, I have 2 questions:
    1. There is no inter-state transfer in India, it’s all in US with less than 5 lacs turnover, do I need to register for GST in India and file returns
    2. As I receive/make payments in $, Paypal, Amazon, FB all deduct GST and send me invoice, which causes worry to me whether I should register or not.
    Kindly HELP!!
    Thanks and regards

  8. paramaguru says:

    If a housewife is earning less than 2 lakh rupees p.a. in FOREIGN CURRENCY by doing simple online work on Amazon Mturk, is GST registration compulsory?

    Amazon Mturk is a US based crowdsourced micro work site paying people for simple unskilled tasks like captcha solving.

  9. JAGDISH 232500 says:

    Sir, A charitable trust regd u/d 12AA of IT Act running school and also get rent of garden. Toal receipts including school is about 1.50 crore and garden receipts is less than 20.00 lacs , is it complusory to get registration under GST , if yes then whats about composition scheme. Please reply.

  10. Priya says:

    I am foreign language translator . Total amount of translation services is below 10 lakh . So I need registration . My co. Insisting me to register , I’d I register will I be able to get refund or not .
    In case I m liable to pay then gst will be charged from the client or myself liable

  11. Muralidharan says:

    If I am purchasing 18% gst rated software Products from other state, do I need to register to GST…?
    I am New to begin Accounting Software Business..

    1. Mudit Goyal says:

      If you are purchasing Products GST will be charged to you in Invoice.
      However if you dont register the same will form part of your cost and reduce your Margins.
      Advisable to take Reg. and avail credit

  12. Sharath Alva says:

    I’m running a service related business with less than 20 lakh annual turnover. I believe, I doesn’t required to mandatory registration of GST.

    But, in some situations, I’m required of GST. If I register for GST, in what interval (time gap) I need to file the GST Return? I mean to know that Monthly / Biannually / Annually.

    Kindly reply

    1. Radu Abraham says:

      GST registration is mandatory if you have inter state supply even if your turnover is less than 20 lakhs.

      If you are a registered dealer and have turnover less than 1.5 crore, you can file GSTR-3B monthly and GSTR-1 Quarterly register

  13. Vijay Kumar says:

    I have very small buisness and sell local items without bill. If I have to sell items and provide labour working or service to delhi government or someone other like them and they will ask for GST Bill the what will I do. I am an electrician and R.O. Service provider. Please suggest me what to do.

  14. Archana says:

    I am a doctor and owner of a diagnostic centre with annual turnover of Rs 50 lakh. I wish to sell my old ultrasound machine at its current depreciated value of 9 lakh to another doctor of the same city. Will GST be applicable in this sale?

  15. Archana says:

    I am a doctor and owner of a diagnostic centre with an annual turnover of RS 50 lakh. I wish to sell my used ultrasound machine in the same city for its current depreciated price of RS 9 lakh. Will GST applicable on this sale?

  16. Dharmesh vadhvani says:

    what about person already registered providing inter-state service? they are eligble for cancellation?
    Do they liable to pay tax upto cancellation of their registration?
    what legal actions be taken if they won’t pay tax and file only NIL return upto option for cancellation of registration made availabe!

    1. Karthick T says:

      1. Yes. In above you have mentioned the your turnover services crossed above 40 lakhs so gst registration would be required your company.

      2. If you received a money from outside of country and that payment would be convertible to foreign currency in india is exempted from GST tax and you must be report this in exempted services in gst filing return.

    2. P K shah says:

      I am Management Consultant & giving services to various company
      My Total consultancy fee yearly is 25 lakhs Plus 3 lakhs Rent income.

      please guide my understanding is that
      Now the limit has gone to Rs 40 lakhs from 1st April
      So I do not follow in New threshold limit.

      please guide us

      thanks & oblige

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