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Government of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, under the Department of Commerce, has issued Trade Notice No. 10/2023-DGFT on 22.06.2023. This notice pertains to the fixation and review of norms of advance authorization by the Norms Committee (NC-7) through a new online Norms Fixation IT module.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has introduced this new process as part of the IT Revamp for exporter/importer-related services. The physical mode of norms fixation/review has been replaced by an electronic mode, requiring all applicants to submit their requests online via the DGFT website (https://www.dgft.gov.in). The notice provides instructions on how to initiate a review of norms using the CP portal and emphasizes that no hard copy or email applications from NC-7 will be accepted moving forward.

The notice also highlights the availability of a Help manual and FAQs on the DGFT website to assist applicants in understanding the new process. Additionally, it suggests various channels for further assistance, including raising a service request ticket through the DGFT Helpdesk service, contacting the DGFT Toll-free-Helpline, or sending an email to the Helpdesk.

Government Of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
(Department of Commerce)
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Vanijya Bhawan, New Delhi-110011.

Trade Notice No. 10/2023-DGFT | Dated 22.06.2023


All Regional Authorities of DGFT
Members of Trade

Subject: Fixation / review of Norms of advance authorization by Norms Committee (NC-7) from new online Norms Fixation IT module.

As part of IT Revamp of its exporter/importer related services, DGFT has activated the process of Norms Fixation / Review of Norms to electronic mode from physical mode. All applicants seeking Norms Fixation / Review of Norms from NC-7 may apply only via online by navigating to the DGFT website (https://www.dgft.gov.in)

For Review of Norms: CP portal >> Services under Norms Fixation >> Initiate Review.

2. Accordingly, applications for Norms Fixation / Review of Norms will need to be submitted online as per the above link.

3. For any help and guidance on this new process, the Help manual & FAQs may be accessed on DGFT Website -> Learn -> Application Help & FAQs. For any further assistance any of the following channels may be assessed

I. Raise a service request ticket through the DGFT Helpdesk service under Services -> ‘Trade Helpdesk Service’

II. Call the DGFT Toll-free-Helpline number

III. Send an email to the Helpdesk on dgftedi@gov.in.

4. No hard copy/email of applications from NC-7 shall be accepted with effect from the issuance of this Trade Notice.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(S.K Mohapatra)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from File no. F.NO. 01/87/162/001/AM24/DES.VII


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