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Office of The Controller General of Patents,
Designs & Trade Marks Boudhik Sampada Bhavan
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No. CG/Public Notice-/2017-18/Patents/6

Dated 3rd July 2017

Public Notice

The process relating to generation & issuance of Patent certificates for applications made for grant of Patent has now been fully automated.Accordingly, from 3rd July 2017 the patent certificates will be generated through an automated system after the patent is granted by the Controller and shall be made available to the applicants concerned or their authorised patent agents on record.

The patent certificate so generated will be transmitted to the applicant concerned or his authorised patent agent on record on his email address recorded with this office and shall also be made available on the official website ( along with status of the application concerned. The Patent certificate made available on the website may be downloaded and printed as desired by the applicant.

Applicants or their authorised patent agents are advised to update (in e-filing portal)Iprovide their valid email id to the office so as to facilitate quick transmission of patent certificates to them.

(Dr K S Kardam)
Sr. Joint Controller of Patents, and Designs

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